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mds0725 04-23-09 09:28 PM

Where to ride in the Boca Raton FL area
My brother (from Burlington VT) and I (from San Francisco CA) will be visiting family in the Boca Raton Florida area in late June, and we'd like to rent bikes for a day and do a little riding. We're both somewhat casual riders. Any suggestions on fun (and relatively safe) places to ride for a day? Thanks!

mds0725 04-26-09 05:30 PM

Anyone from the Boca Raton/Boynton Beach/Delray Beach area here?

velobran 05-18-09 07:26 AM

I live in Fort Lauderdale, but ride through Boca often. I don't know much about organized groups that start in the Boca area, but most riders usually ride along A1A. Head east to A1A and ride north or south, your pick. It's probably going to be an out and back ride unless you can find any other routes on I'd personally only ride A1A unless you are with a decent group that can command some respect among the motorists that drive the roads. People drive like **** here and cyclists get very little respect. Good luck riding and enjoy the flatness. At least you shouldn't have too strong of winds in June, just humidity and heat.

Ti Guy 05-18-09 10:10 AM

Just noted your post, and yes I live in Boca. The previous post has it correct, A1A is the best place to ride for safety reasons. The wind in June should not be a problem (barring a hurricane/big storm), the heat and humidity will be. I typically only ride in the mornings due to the heat and the fact that there will be less traffic at that time. The autos will be your worst problem, to many clueless drivers. I have not looked into rental bikes in the area but we do have several good LBS's that could be more helpful. Have a great time.

mds0725 05-18-09 05:09 PM

Thanks for the replies. I've been to the area several times (family in Boynton Beach) and I'd be afraid to ride on most of the roads that connect the gated communities to each other and to shopping centers. I thought there might be some nice riding around Delray Beach village and along A1A in that area. I'll definitely contact some of the LBSs in the area before I travel. Thanks again for the advice.

buttdart 05-19-09 01:18 PM

i live in boca and just recently started riding again. check out quiet waters park off powerline rd and hillsboro in deerfield if you want to ride w/o traffic. or check out tradewinds park off sample rd and the turnpike. i rode 22 miles in that park last weekend and only overlapped myself 4 times. plus, no traffic is a big bonus.

mds0725 05-20-09 02:47 PM

Great suggestion, buttdart. Thanks!

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