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moose67 07-18-09 07:39 PM

Comfort Rides on southside of Atlanta
Hi folks,
During the month of June the city of McDonough sponsored a Wellness ride in the city with the Mayor attending several times. With the encouragement of Epic Bikes in McDonough we would like to continue these types of rides. These are primarily for beginners and intermediates but all are welcome. We don't have a location for the first ride but are working on that and a date. We would like to have the first ride in a couple of weeks. These rides are designed to encourage new and inexperienced riders to continue cycling. We want this to become a regular thing and would like the support of riders in the community.


Dubbayoo 07-19-09 01:15 PM

the southside definitely needs more group rides.

drew55 07-19-09 04:14 PM

Doubtful that any resistance would be found among the member of this forum, regardless of the region. If they want to do it, someone needs to step up and actually organize it and get it on the city's calendar and in general get the word out. Will one of the local clubs do it or will these be organized through the shop?

moose67 07-21-09 03:53 PM

Myself, and the LBS that was aiding in the Mayor's rides, are trying to get this going. We are also using the club site that partially calls home with the LBS. The owner of the shop is one of the senior club members. We just want anyone that is interested in the ride to contact us so that we can set a date and time once we have a better idea of a number.

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