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jmonsw21 08-27-09 07:51 PM

Any FIU students faculty?
I just started recently at Florida International University (I'm a freshman) and I wanted to know if there was any sort of bike scene. Anybody out there a student or faculty member? If not, does your University have a nice bike scene?

polkaishot 09-12-09 04:41 PM

hey you might want to check out

i grew up in miami and went to fiu for my first two years of college, moving back in a couple of months... definitely looking for other people in the bike scene over there.

jmonsw21 12-09-09 09:38 PM

Hey, pretty funny that you suggested me go to and then we atlk about the bike committee at FIU and all of that. I never saw that I got a reply to this! Lame, I would've been on MIAfixed that much earlier :(.

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