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Bekologist 10-04-09 10:06 PM

how's the riding hilton head island, beaufort, hunting island state park?
hi, all. a query about riding conditions in SE South Carolina - hows the riding from Hilton Head Island to Hunting Island State Park? looking for a place to camp, starting from Hilton Head, and could only find hunting island as a nearby official camping destination.

would it be feasible to stealth camp on Pickney Island?

any input or alternate overnight out and back distance trips from hilton head would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any 411.

DieselDan 10-06-09 07:00 AM

Camping is not allowed at Pickney Island, and it is known as a gay prostitute hang out. Riding on US 278 is not advised. If you want to vacation on Hilton Head Island, bring a hybrid or comfort bike and use the bike paths, as riding on the road will get you put in jail, despite being legal, you will be charged with public disorderly conduct. Same goes for roads in Bluffton with pathways.

Camping is discouraged as it may bring the wrong element to Hilton Head Island. HHI is all about appearances with no substance.

The area is more an overbuilt and gated suburb, not near to what it was 15 years ago.

Sorry to be such a downer, but I've lived, worked, and cycled in this area for 20 years and seen things get worse, not better. Long flat country roads are now busy highways with sprawl and people more concerned about themselves (Yankees) then others. Sundays aren't even safe, as bikes are in the way of people going to church.

If you want a cycling vacation in the Lowcountry, base yourself in Beaufort or Walterboro and head out into the countryside from there. HHI is bike path hell and Bluffton is working hard at catching up.

Bekologist 10-06-09 12:15 PM

thanks for the 411.

I'm winding up on HHI for a family thing but am packing an S & S coupled Surly Travelers' Check with Gatorskins.

I was thinking of shoehorning an overnighter in to hunting island. Maybe if I ride Beaufort to Hunting Island and do a bivy but will probably forego the HHI to HI round trip.

I'm thinking of riding around Blufton and trying some of the blufton routes blufton pathways but again, thanks for the heads up on local conditions. here at least cyclists are tolerated on the rural roads but the layout and terrain and roadways are much different.

i used to ride in panhandle florida in the 70s on a road bike but suspect things have gone a bit downhill since then.

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