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rogerdev 03-02-10 07:28 PM

kentucky races
any kentucky races coming up??? the old was great. this new website is terrible or whatever it is. that site still has 2009 races on it. any info about races around louisville please post here.

kokorozashi 03-05-10 09:03 PM

I don't race, myself, but if you're not in touch with Louisville Bicycling Club (, they might be a good place to start. They have a racing team or two (or three), so they should have at least some info.

That being said, they don't have their schedule up yet for this year.

Good luck!

bassic wilson 03-30-10 10:46 PM

If your still in need, this should to help. Here's my team's site, and then I'll put in another one or two. ---- note:we are in the midwest on this site, has alot of IN and OH listed, too ----this is for TN ----Cincy stuff

I'd say that the Main Street Velo calender used in conjunction with True Sport will be the biggest help. I can navigate through fairly easily, and it is Louisville-based, but you should be ok without using it.

Primary local (Louisville area) races in the near future:
4-10 Mt Victory road race
4-17 Thunder over Louisville, duh!!!
4-24 Shawnee Park Crit (I think it's called a crit)
5-17 Shelby Co TT 20k or 40k -ok, I'm a little partial here. It's good practice for the state tt championship that is run on the same course.
5-22 Frankfort Crit --- 4 corners and a wide course in downtown
5-23 Waddy circuit race - In Shelby Co. I think it is the state road championship and yes I'm a little partial here, too.
5-29 -
5-30 horsey hundred nice touring century on the 29th. Out of Georgetown, KY- not a race
5-31 Lexington Crit

That ought to get you going!

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