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France 03-31-10 03:35 AM

Next tour: Southern Tier/Underground Railroad/Great Rivers/Lewis & Clark...
Leaving from Interstate 75 @ the Southern Tier-Underground RR and then follow the Mississippi and Missouri River to Omaha,Nebraska. Leaving the end of May.

mvanderk 04-06-10 12:13 PM


Sounds like you have a nice tour planned for the summer. Should be a wonderful experience with some great memories. Are you camping or doing the credit card route?......Either way should be great!.......I just got back from the summer home in the mountains. The local club had their first ride of the season and I joined in. Wasn't to bad but unforeunately by the time I get back up there in mid May they will already have their climbing legs and I will be struggling to keep up. April is a great month for bike riding in Florida as all the local and state bike clubs have planned supported rides. Hope to get a few in.....Keep us posted with your progress..............Mike

France 04-08-10 02:12 AM

Hey Mike,

Not sure on camping or credit card. More info in a few days...


France 04-25-10 10:44 AM

Hi Mike,

Still don't know what my exact plans are for this tour. My Dad was suppose to join me but was diagnosed with an irregular heart beat. More later.


mvanderk 04-26-10 05:47 PM

Hey Glenn,

Sorry to hear about your dad. Hopefully they can quickly resolve his medical condition without putting him through the ringer. As for your tour it will be there when the timing is right. The one problem in the southeast will be dealing with the heat if camping. The later you leave the more inviting credit card touring becomes. I just got back from 6 days of riding in North Florida with "Bike Safari". Had a great time......camping weather was was terrific......and the roads were fantastic. Got about 450 miles in. Headed to my summer home in Franklin in two weeks. Be there by myself for a month before the wife comes up so hope to get in a few short tours in the mountains along with some overnight hiking. Looking forward to it. If you go back to Rome, Ga drop me a line. Possibly we could meet up somewhere in the middle. Northeast Georgia offers some nice riding with high enough elevation to camp comfortably even during the summer.
Good luck with your trip.


France 05-30-10 04:24 AM

Trip is still on hold. Dad went for his third Electrical Cardioversion and now has a good heart rhythm .. So far so good.

MORE LATER........Glenn in Naples,Fl

France 06-22-10 02:05 AM

Update coming soon..

cyclezealot 06-22-10 02:26 AM

Combining cycle touring with history.. A great plan.. Won't most underground railroad routing put you somewhere near Cincinnati.?

France 06-22-10 09:20 AM

Hi Cyclezealot,

The basic plan is meet my Dad @ I-75 & Southern Tier to Underground RR to the Mississippi River to the Missouri river to Omaha, Ne.........THANX,Glenn

France 09-06-10 05:06 AM

Never made the trip...Sorry.. My Dad is scheduled for Ablation surgery this month on the 15th..Will update after the procedure..Glenn

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