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cc_rider 05-05-10 09:00 AM

Bike DC
Bike DC is coming up soon.
May 23.

Don't know why they shortened the ride. I liked the climb into NW to that big estate.
Looking forward to biking the GW Parkway.
I'll be marshaling again this year. They may still be looking for volunteers.

cc_rider 05-13-10 07:17 AM

Latest email from Bike DC says they are still looking for marshals.

1NatsFan 05-25-10 08:18 PM

I blew it off due to the rain. Did they have it? Did you attend?

cc_rider 05-26-10 07:08 AM

I was getting over a cold and missed it. Didn't want to ride in the rain and risk getting a lot sicker.
The ride went off as planned. If the rain had passed through a half hour sooner I probably would have joined in. As it was, I rode later and made it to the tail end of the finish line party.

Consularrider 05-26-10 12:52 PM


Originally Posted by 1NatsFan (Post 10865967)
I blew it off due to the rain. Did they have it? Did you attend?

Stopped raining right before the ride start, but I still got soaked riding to the event.

va_cyclist 05-28-10 05:01 PM

I planned to go but blew it off as well. The memory of riding in last fall's bone-chilling rain was still fresh in my mind. That's three straight years of rain on this event.

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