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zzOtherlandzz 11-04-12 06:11 PM


Originally Posted by Grim (Post 14911940)
I came very close to selling this last year while it was in pieces. I've owned it 20 years, Bought it from my Mom's Second husband who bought it new.
It lost oil pressure 10-11 years ago and was sitting. With family and everything else just didn't have time or money. 8 years ago I had a MI that damn near killed me. Really put a damper on stuff. 7 years ago after a year of soul searching I bought the motor from a kid in Alabama trying to get some thing going with it. Again time and money it sat. 5 years ago after worrying I was going to drop dead with every twinge I felt in my chest I dug my old Peugeot P8 out and started riding with the decision I'm either going to die from another MI or get over my worries. Its been consuming my interest ever since.

Last year the wife and I had decided we needed to clear some more projects that were not getting done. That we had no time or money for. The 59 Airstream I just had got the body back on weeks before I had the MI went. A lot of other smaller projects like my 64 Sears Allstate (Vespa), RC planes had gone a couple years before.
I put an Ad on Criagslist. Figure I sell it and buy a running driving Porsche. My wife didnt understand how it would Be cheaper for me to have the 928 that I always wanted over fixing this. Around here rusted Muscle non running muscles are bringing decent coin. Basically I set a time line that the motor was going in in 5 weeks. Buy it now $6k (I would have taken 5) motor included but after that date $10k. Plenty of nice 928s pop up at that price or less. Lots of people interested but they wanted it for $6k motor in it driving.
So time came to put the motor in. Took a week off to do it. 4 days into it I was able to get it to start third try. 7 days later it was tagged.
Everybody offered $6k I told them to screw off go buy a non running rust bucket hard top for $4k. LOL

Basically fell back in love with it pretty quick.
Now where the wife doesn't understand how a Porsche 928 could possibly be cheaper is the plans for this are starting to happen. LOL $100 worth of wheels and tires got a smoking deal on them Sam's had a "special buy" on the tires. Normally $183 for the rear 275 40 17's $87!!!!!!
Picking out stuff I want for it now and the list is LONG and expensive. Suspension will be about $4k, 6 Piston Wilwood front 4 piston back $3k. New gauges $900. Richmond 6speed OD $3.5k Thats how a Porsche 928 is cheaper. lol

Now back to topic......Going for a ride! (on the bike) Its gorgeous out and mid 60's.

But the Pontiac is soooo much cooler than the Porsche... haha If my nephew would have shown even a little bit of interest in helping put a car together when he was 16... We could have made a pretty bad ass car. I had most of the parts to put a nice Trans Am together. Just stuff that I had collected over the years.

Back on topic..... JUST now got back from a ride... Awesome weather!! Half the ride was in the dark on the trail.. (yep head light, blinky light)....

RonH 11-05-12 05:16 PM

No more riding until we get to FL. I packed my helmets and Sidis yesterday. :(

mrz80 11-13-12 09:02 AM

Well, I didn't ride Saturday 'cause the Rotary Club in Bartow cancelled the Rotary Ride to Read at the last minute, citing not enough preregistrations to cover the cost of actually going through with it. I wish I'd found that out *before* driving down to the inlaws' and getting up at 5:30am to drive the rest of the way to Bartow! :) Oh, well... I can understand not wanting to run a charity ride at a financial loss - kinda defeats the purpose. Shame, though; it's a nice part of the state to ride, if only 'cause the headwinds give you a MONSTER workout! :)

RonH 11-25-12 04:18 PM

No ride yesterday.We went to visit friends (who lived across the street from us in GA) who have a condo in Vero Beach. They showed us around the town. My wife liked it but didn't say anything about looking for a house down there.

Today we were busy unpacking and checking off items on my to-do list as I got them done. Now its time for a movie and some After Dark Chocolate. :thumb:

qcpmsame 11-25-12 05:40 PM

I've missed 5 days straight due to an adverse reaction to 3 different antibiotics last weekend and Monday. Elevated HR and BP from all three, found on research they were all contraindicated for Chronic Renal Failure, I am Stage 3B. My regular surgeon caring for this wound was out of town and the on-call was not familiar with my condition. Stopped them all and finally had my HR settle down today. Back at the usual low 60's, the BP is slightly elevated. I haven't missed 5 days in over a year. Tomorrow will be a 15 mile ride if things are still settled.


RonH 11-25-12 08:05 PM

Sorry to hear this Bill. Sounds like you need the personal contact info for your regular doc so it doesn't happen again.
Good luck getting back to "normal". :thumb:

qcpmsame 11-26-12 06:02 AM

Thanks Ron, but I have never, ever, been normal anyway:twitchy:.


zzOtherlandzz 11-26-12 07:45 PM

Rode 7 days in a row (most in a row in a long time for me).... Today... Forgot to wash my bike clothes... And I'm spoiled don't wanna ride without bike shorts... hahah Full moon ride planned for tomorrow night though...

RonH 11-28-12 07:42 AM

We went to see a big development along SR44 between Wildwood and Leesburg. We saw the beginnings of something there last March so decided to see how it had changed. We thought it was going to be a HUGE shopping center / entertainment complex.
I think the area we saw first was called Brownwood Station. We drove to what looked like a saloon and saw a sales center sign. Went in and talked with the greeter and found out it is part of the final phase of the Villages. We ended up taking the 4 hour tour. Saw some nice places to think about buying but decided the taxes and assessments were more than we wanted to pay -- almost double what we paid in GA -- which we always thought was high -- plus the monthly association fee of $145 would be a waste. Most of the amenities it paid for we are not interested in so it would money down the drain.
We laughed on the way home. Our friends that we're house-sitting for told us a few years ago to stay away from the Villages because theres a lot of wife swapping going on there. :eek: :lol:

zzOtherlandzz 12-01-12 07:03 PM

I swear I had plans to ride.... I was going to ride to the ribbon cutting for the new section of trail near I-95 & State Road 207 (no name for the trail yet really).. The ribbon cutting was at 1pm.. I had the bike loaded up... ready to go... But was waiting on a customer to pick up their computer... Plans of riding bike to the cutting were off ... So drove that way and when I got there is was just pouring down rain. Decided not to stand or ride in the rain.... Went back to Palatka.. Ordered a new bottom bracket... While there Dana took mine apart & lubed it up a bit... Hopefully the noise will stay away until the new one gets here.... in a couple of days...

That's my story.... and i'm sticking to it... haha

zzOtherlandzz 12-07-12 08:34 AM

Didn't ride yesterday.... Most likely wont ride today.... I've got the flu .... :(

RonH 12-09-12 06:33 PM

Didn't ride yesterday or today. Yesterday we were busy getting everything ready for some long time friends (known for 50+ years) from GA who are visiting -- sort of.
They arrived yesterday afternoon. Today we drove them to Tampa to their cruise ship. They'll be back in 2 weeks for a real visit and will spend Christmas with us. We are keeping their dog (Flaps :)) while they're gone.

Gotta ride tomorrow for sure. We opened some of the Christmas goodies last night and I think I've already gained 5 pounds. :eek:

AerobaticDreams 12-10-12 09:32 PM

Rode the last three days, but hurt far too bad to ride today. Not to many miles or anything- just trying to get back in shape. On a happier note, my wife was upset at missing today and has decided to put her older road bike on the trainer so bad weather can't make her miss a day!

For my part, I have to give myself a day off to recover when I hurt so bad....

zzOtherlandzz 12-11-12 12:00 AM

We had a night ride planned for Monday.... But it rained.... and rained.... and rained some more. I really wanted to ride too.. Got a brand new Cygolite 600 lumin headlight that I wanted to test out... Maybe Tuesday.... (but looks like rain then too).....

RonH 12-14-12 12:04 PM

Haven't ridden in a few days. Today we're getting food ready to take to my son's house on Saturday for the dysfunctional family Christmas gathering. :rolleyes:
Didn't ride yesterday because we've been looking at a couple of houses and a lot to build on in Brentwood (part of Citrus Hills) a few miles west of Hernando. Still considering the "deal" we'd get on the house we're in if we buy it. Going to look at two more houses in another area on Monday. What to do??? :o
Maybe I can ride on Sunday. :)

AerobaticDreams 12-16-12 10:01 PM

Got my whole day out of the way to be able to ride....sat down in the recliner....and woke up hours later. OK, I guess I needed rest. I did pretty good the rest of the week for me.

RonH 12-18-12 06:12 PM

No ride today even though is my bday. :o We have been waiting for "official paperwork" from GA so my wive could get her FL DL. New requirements from the feds. :notamused: We got the papers yesterday so went to get this behind us today. Yay. Then we sent in the paperwork to get our passports in case we need to get outta dodge in a hurry. :eek:
After all of this stress we went for Chinese. Now I'm stuffed.


zzOtherlandzz 12-18-12 07:08 PM


Originally Posted by RonH (Post 15065021)
No ride today even though is my bday. :o We have been waiting for "official paperwork" from GA so my wive could get her FL DL. New requirements from the feds. :notamused: We got the papers yesterday so went to get this behind us today. Yay. Then we sent in the paperwork to get our passports in case we need to get outta dodge in a hurry. :eek:
After all of this stress we went for Chinese. Now I'm stuffed.


Happy Ron...... And now i'm hungry ... hahah.....

Podagrower 12-24-12 07:57 AM

Today, I ride. It may only be 3 miles, may be 15, but I'm getting back on. My last ride was last Tuesday, and within 5 minutes I knew something was wrong. By the end of 5 miles, I knew I was having an asthma attack, but didn't know why, my asthma has been under control for years. The next morning, I figured out it was bronchitis, and when you combine that with cold and wet, it gets miserable fast. Temps will be in the 70s today, so a little less knife like in the chest. Mount up!

ETA: The above is why I shouldn't have ridden today. 5.4 miles, 8. nothing mph avg, couldn't stay on the 48 crank unless it was downhill. Spent an awful lot of time riding 38x34 to keep the breathing down. But i'll be back...

RonH 12-24-12 09:00 AM


Glad you're getting back into it. Be careful and don't over do it.

Haven't ridden since Friday. :o Saturday we cleaned the house getting ready for our friends visit. We picked them up at the cruise ship yesterday. They'll be here till Wednesday. Maybe I can ride after they leave on Wednesday.

qcpmsame 12-24-12 09:16 AM

Most likely no ride today or tomorrow judging by the weather forecast for the SE. We have a preliminary advisory form the NWS for severe weather tomorrow when the latest front comes across here. We are busy with Christmas Eve at my sister-in-law and B-I-L place this afternoon and my family and my M-I-L and wives uncle tomorrow at our place for lunch. Family First then, Wednesday looks good as does the rest of the week weather wise.

Edit: The sun popped out at 1130 and I let the roads dry a bit then took a nice ride, it stayed clear the entire afternoon, a total surprise based on the forecast. What a break.


Lindaosm 12-25-12 08:53 AM

not for the last few days. Was hoping to get a short one in today but don't think that will happen. Tomorrow hubby and I leave for Flagler Beach for a few days. Hoping to get some riding in then...depending on the weather.

zzOtherlandzz 12-27-12 10:41 PM

No ride for me Wed or Thrs.... Wed the night ride was called off for wind I guess? lol And today thrs... It was called off because it was too cold & windy.. haha They were called off but in reality that was okay... Remodeling my living room. When that is done we are going to install laminate flooring. Sooo I was okay when the rides were called off... I mean I would have went... but just as well I didn't...

RonH 12-30-12 01:05 PM

No ride today -- kind of cool. If I wanted to ride in these kinds of temperatures I would have stayed in Atlanta. :o
We moved here for the warmer winter temperatures. :)

zzOtherlandzz 12-30-12 10:08 PM

I haven't missed riding on Sunday in about 5 months... But today I didn't ride. Got a lot of work done on the remodeling of my living room....

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