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RonH 11-16-13 04:07 PM

No riding today. Rain and the Lake Hernando Dragon Boat Festival. :beer:
Here are a few pics for those who didn't make it.

avmech 11-18-13 12:54 PM

Been out for 4 weeks already, after rotator cuff surgery

RonH 11-18-13 01:23 PM

Have you been riding the trainer and doing your PT?

yodatic 12-14-13 05:48 AM

2 Attachment(s) wanted one of these to ride down the beach to the Destin jettys , I work about a mile from there and the soft sand would be a good churning ,low speed resistance workout! , this is what I got, instead! Good news is I had my last Radiation yesterday, :thumb:, have been released to return to work "as tolerated" ,and I still don't know if that means me tolerating the work, or work tolerating me. The Dr's and staff were all having a lot of fun with me about the phrasing.:bike2: So now I think I need to get back to N+1 and see y'all on the beach! tom

mrtuttle04 12-14-13 06:05 AM

Yesterday, tempertures in the low twenties.
Today. Snow advisory 3-5" expected.
I have one friend who says that is no excuse...he uses homemade snow tires.

yodatic 12-30-13 04:49 AM

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Did I kill this thread or what ? tom

Onegun 12-30-13 05:31 AM


Originally Posted by yodatic (Post 16367235)
Did I kill this thread or what ? tom

Nah, Tom, it happens every winter. It's in the summertime that you're required to have an excuse for not riding!

Congrats on the radiation outcome, BTW.

yodatic 12-30-13 06:06 AM

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Thank you !'s a turtle ! tom :thumb:

zzOtherlandzz 12-31-13 06:38 AM

I dunno..... What does it say about me that when I don't ride (lazy most times) and I don't post about not riding.... Extra Lazy? Hmmmm

jon c. 01-01-14 10:39 PM

Wanted to do a New Years ride, but it drizzled all day. I'll ride when it's in the mid 50s, but not when it's in the mid 50s and wet.

RonH 01-04-14 04:57 PM

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I was hoping to make it out today but it just didn't get warm enough until late and the warm didn't last long.
Maybe tomorrow. :rolleyes:

Tom I'll see your turtle and raise you two tortoises. ;)

Kidd69 01-04-14 05:13 PM

Had an Ablation procedure yesterday, no riding for one week.

RonH 01-19-14 09:21 AM

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I was going riding today. The sun is out but I checked the temps and weather online and saw this. The rain is heading southeast. I live at the blue circle. Guess I'll ride tomorrow. :o

Ronno6 02-09-14 07:24 PM

But.......................I DID !!

RonH 06-23-14 05:37 AM

Will I ever get to ride again?
I rode last Sunday (6/15). Since then we've had out of town company for a few days and then the rain set in. I was hoping for a nice ride this morning but there's rain on the radar just a few miles west of here and its heading this way. :notamused: Maybe tomorrow? :o

capsisking 07-03-14 07:35 AM

I've been slacking and haven't ridden since last week. This weekend I was working on the house, then we had the AC go out, then I got pretty sick :-(

linnefaulk 07-03-14 05:08 PM


Originally Posted by capsisking (Post 16904491)
I've been slacking and haven't ridden since last week. This weekend I was working on the house, then we had the AC go out, then I got pretty sick :-(

I've been wondering about you. I hope you are feeling better and got the AC back.

capsisking 07-03-14 05:47 PM


Originally Posted by linnefaulk (Post 16906395)
I've been wondering about you. I hope you are feeling better and got the AC back.

Not so much on either :-( and I dropped off my mountain bikes to be worked on (free tune up), and my stomach issues won't really let me on the road bike :-(

hopefully in a few days ;-)

RonH 12-31-14 07:54 AM

No one has posted in this thread for a while so thought I'd revive it. :o
I was hoping to ride today to end the year on a high note and then again tomorrow to start the year off right. But no!!! The crappy misty wet stuff is hanging around. I took the trash out and did a quick of the weather and got damp enough to cancel any riding plans.
Will tomorrow be any better?

RonH 01-05-15 02:55 PM

I got my notice for jury service. I was at the courthouse at 7:45. Of the ~250 folks who were called about 30 asked for and got an excuse for various reasons. At 1030 the judge came in and said all the cases had been resolved and we could all go home and wouldn't be called again for service for at least 12 months. Those who were excuses aren't as lucky. They're still eligible for jury duty at any time.
But 12 months from now I'll be 71 and if you're "over 70" you can get an "automatic" excusal from jury service. :thumb:
I hope to be out riding tomorrow. :)

But I did stop by the "other" bike shop in Inverness today on my way home. Picked up new brake pads for the Litespeed.

RonH 05-09-15 12:55 PM

We got the phone call I've been dreading. We'll be driving to Atlanta :notamused: for a funeral on Monday or Tuesday. Its for someone in my wife's cousin's extended family. Who knows how long we'll be there visiting friends and family. I may get to ride once we get back in a few weeks, months, whenever. :rolleyes: :eek: :cry:

Ronno6 05-10-15 10:31 AM

Sorry to hear that, RonH
Safe travels.
You should take your bike and ride on the Silver Comet Trail.
Very enjoyable.
I didn't ride today because it is Mother's Day.
I had to run a new wire to the driver's door speaker in my old '97 F-150.
THAT was a MOTHER of a job!

Happy Mother's Day to all..............

RonH 05-11-15 09:20 AM

We moved from Atl 3 years ago. I used to ride the SCT but my usual ride was from home to Stone Mtn and do 3 laps and ride home. :thumb:
Sure miss those hills

RonH 01-21-16 06:59 AM

It is supposed to be 70-72 degrees today and I was planning to do my first post surgery ride today but I still don't have complete bladder control so it'll have to wait a few more weeks. :cry: Cant be riding around with "soggy" bibs. :twitchy:

Baldy1953 01-26-16 09:54 PM

Could not ride today and will not be able for an unknown time. On the 19th broke my right ankle in 3 places and today had surgery to repair. Now have 8 screws and a piece of metal in it. Doc could not tell me time frame. Bones have to heal. With me being diabetic and 62, is going to take a while.
Already miss riding. Been doing 20-30 miles a day for a while to lose weight and make the diabetes better.

The accident was not bike related, just stupidity on my part. Fell off a ladder approx 8 feet off the ground. Going to leave that stuff to young people from now on or a professional.

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