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KasbeKZ 02-12-13 06:43 PM

Bike stolen. ODU campus, Norfolk VA
haven't been on here in a while but i'm trying to post up where ever i can. my white '80's era cannondale was stolen tonight at 6:50, 2-12-13. it's completely unmarked. it was painted over white. black handlebars, white wall tire on the back and plain black one on the front. wire is run for a computer but the computer is still in my pocket.

since this picture, the pump has been removed, a bottle cage added, and the rear tire changed to a michelin white wall.

Fastfingaz 02-17-13 08:19 AM

Well sorry to say I can't help you in any way!!!other than sharirng your anger and wanting to cacth the low life thats resposible!!!was it locked up?? hope you get it back but I know thats kinda unlikely I had bikes taken from my yard never to be seen again and they were locked ! they even took the lock! and cable! good luck,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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