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Juan Foote 03-11-13 08:45 AM

Atlanta Cycling and/or Silver Comet "C" paced group?
Howdy all. As some of you know, we moved to Vinings over the last couple of weeks (almost done, phew!). I am within a few miles of the Mavell Rd trailhead and also am right behind Atlanta (Vinings) Cycling. I went in and talked to Phil(? the owner) about slower paced rides leaving from the shop, as I am unable to keep up with the "regular beginner's" group. Where I lived in much flatter in comparison and these hills are kicking my butt. He mentioned to me that there was a silk sheets ride designed with true beginners in mind. I am not one, but ride like My understanding is that this in only a weekly or possibly less frequent, and I am looking to get together a group to ride a couple of nights a week.
I am not (yet) a member of the club riding out of AC, nor have I made a ride there since being here. It is my intention to participate as much there as I was involved in my prior club where I did something similar to wonderful results.

I was interested in knowing if any of you are riding out of AC and would be willing to show me around a bit to familiarize with the area some, (to help enable me to) produce a ride route and plan for my idea to move forward as a "proposal" of sorts to the AC crew?

Juan Foote 03-17-13 06:37 AM


cruiserhead 06-29-13 10:50 PM

Are you anywhere near midtown I'm looking for places to ride too

Juan Foote 07-01-13 09:30 PM

I guess it has to do with what you call "near"...I am about 10 miles from anything from Piedmont to West End, so..............

BaseGuy 09-03-13 09:31 AM


I've very familiar with Vinings, having lived there for many years (now in Nashville). You're in an extremely hilly section of Atlanta, as you know. Having run and biked around, there are no routes local to you that are not mountainous, really.

But you're so close to the Mavel Road trail head. Just go down there. I assume you've ridden the SCT enough to know that the farther west you go, the more bike-friendly it becomes. If traffic on East/West Conn. is not an issue, I suggest you drive out to the SCT Depot trailhead and start there. Yes, you'll have lots of pedestrians and dog-walkers, but only for the first mile or so, heading West.

I love that trail and miss it badly. I have an office in Smyrna and get down there once a month or so, and always stuff my old road-bike in the truck so I can ride the Silver Comet while I'm in town.

Juan Foote 09-03-13 02:53 PM

Thanks for the input BaseGuy. I utilized the SCT quite a bit while living there and mostly rode my recumbent trike. I have since moved back out to the country and will be really glad to have surface roads and different places to go again without the fear of being run down or having to climb L'Alpe Duez every time I leave the house. It was quite fun, and I enjoyed it a lot.

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