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jonainmi 03-21-13 01:06 PM

I think I'm the only person from Arkansas on here...
Am I?

Fastfingaz 03-21-13 05:16 PM

O.K. thats good so welcome to the forum!! tell us what do you do in Arkansas? where do you ride????? what kind of bikes you got??

RonH 03-22-13 08:42 AM

No, there are lots of AR folks here. I guess they're hibernating until spring. I haven't seen any of their group ride announcements in a while.

jonainmi 03-28-13 06:27 PM

Haha, I live in Fort Smith, and ride all around town. I just couldn't find any other Arkansas fold on here...

I have one main bike, and a few project bikes. There is a thread (Here: ) on my main bike. Some call it crap, I love it. :-)

Hope to hear from some of the cool southern people on here!

bowyorang 08-05-13 06:53 PM

My son and I are new riders. He's 12 and is self motivated to be the best rider he can be. He is buying himself a Jamis Ventura sport for his first road bike. Ive been trying out a few bikes and have decided to order myself a Jamis Quest sometime this week.
We've been riding with the local shop on the weekends and went out for our first 30 mile trip last weekend but was cut short (12 miles) because of the rain. Hopefully get to do it this weekend.
looking forward to doing the 50 mile at the Big Dam Bridge 100 the fall!

Rootman 08-05-13 08:10 PM

Well since everyone is chiming on on this ancient thread I might as well too.

I live and ride in NW Arkansas.

iamjethro 08-06-13 09:46 AM

Another Arkansas here. Mainly read the commuting, general and other forums on the site.

Fastfingaz 08-11-13 04:56 PM

well I'ma chimm back again and say I'm a little farther South then ya'll,,,,, in New Orleans

iamjethro 08-12-13 06:36 AM

I guess I should have stated my location. Pottsville, Arkansas. Between LR and Ft. Smith on I-40.

JAA 08-27-13 09:07 AM

Might as well bring it back to the top. I live in Benton and ride all over central AR.

ka0use 08-27-13 09:11 AM


Originally Posted by jonainmi (Post 15415220)
Am I?

mmmmmmmmmm, iiiiiiii wouldn't say that...

Artkansas 08-29-13 08:01 PM

Can you guess which state I live in?

I know at least two other people from Little Rock in real life who are registered on here.

Isaiahc72 09-05-13 11:04 PM

I live in the Springdale/Fayetteville area of Arkansas. I do allot of recreational riding as well as commuting.

WebFootFreak 09-09-13 08:59 PM

I am in Marion, just across the river from Memphis. Right now, adding biking to my exercise regimen and will work up to distance.

Artkansas 09-16-13 08:45 PM


Originally Posted by Fastfingaz (Post 15949941)
well I'ma chimm back again and say I'm a little farther South then ya'll,,,,, in New Orleans

That's okay. I've always heard that LA stands for Lower Arkansas.

eja_ bottecchia 09-16-13 09:17 PM

I know a nurse who lives in Rogers...she rides a bike. Does that make me an honorary Arkansan?

smashville 09-17-13 07:12 PM

I'm an Arkie. I have a hybrid but am probably going to get a road bike for my next toy.

thefunnyman 09-18-13 11:35 AM

Another Northwest Arkansan here. I primarily commute and ride for fitness. I'm too portly to race :D

Cwater103 09-19-13 08:15 PM

I live in Central Arkansas and ride the Arkansas River Trail. The wife and I are there riding several times a week.

Minnesota Expat 10-24-13 10:43 PM

This must be the right place. I'm from San Antonio and working and staying in downtown Little Rock for three-weeks in November. Anyone have a good recommendation for a 10-20 mile route? I don't mind hills or climbing. I try to ride 3-4/week and average 16-20mph.

Minnesota Expat 10-24-13 10:45 PM

Oh. Also. I'd appreciate a recommendation on a good bike shop. Not a sporting goods store that sells bikes.

smashville 10-28-13 10:54 AM

Spokes is the nearest shop to Downtown. I like Chainwheel, but they are a little further down the road. A quick google will pull up their addresses and websites. Orbea has their offices right in the downtown area, while not really a "bike shop," it's fun to stare at the shinys in the window.

Cwater103 10-28-13 12:28 PM

Brent- The Arkansas River Trail is a nice ride. Regardless of where you start, you can loop right back to where you started. It's right at 16 miles if you make the complete loop. I would suggest Googling Arkansas River Trail and take a look at the map. It's mostly a pedestrian/ cycling trail but there is a temporary section on the Little Rock side that utilizes streets and sidewalks but it is marked pretty well. Like Smashville said there are a couple good bike shops but I prefer Chainwheel in the West part of town. There are actually a couple bike rental places on the River Trail if you're traveling without your wheels.

Minnesota Expat 10-28-13 08:50 PM

I'm bringing my own ride, but will check-out Chainwheel. Is Spokes the Orbea offices? I see they sell Orbea. I've got to try one out. I'm doing a serious upgrade in a couple months and I know why I'm considering Cannondale and Bianchi, but there's something about Orbea. They just look damn cool. And I like orange.

David Marfas 10-29-13 11:56 AM

hello my name is David 51 be 52 april 20....ive been riding since 1983..I ex ultimate frisbee player, now retired due to right knee injury...I ride a kona blast mnt bike..that has a rear rack on it and i can add panniers when i tour.. I ve down a few tours solo..I road the entire length of the katy trail in may of 2013..road from springfield, mo to denver and back along the trans america trail in the summer of 2012..have down a bunch of two and three days tours on the weekends..

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