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France 04-13-13 04:47 AM

Riding out of the Glades...Naples,Fl to North Georgia...
Anyone want to ride along? I will have sag.

Onegun 04-14-13 06:38 AM

What is your route / planned stops? Some may want to join for some portion of the ride.

France 04-14-13 11:39 AM

Rough route from Naples, Fl to Rome,Ga...31,,663/661,,old 37/37,,98,,301,,Withlacoochee,,Hwy 19 and then roughly follow Martha Berry Hwy/27 to Rome..

Onegun 04-14-13 01:29 PM

Wow. So is this a 600k brevet or do you plan on stopping?

France 04-14-13 02:44 PM

On my last trip I stopped @ Arcadia, Dade City, Chiefland, Ga/Fl border then stops in Ga. When time permits,
I continue onto Aurora, In from Rome. Do you do the brevet qualies//PBP?

Onegun 04-14-13 03:24 PM

No, I did a couple of double centuries about a century ago, (ok, 35 years ago), but the longest my wife and I have done together is a 200k, which is barely more than a century. Given our current condition, however, we couldn't even begin to do that. But ... one day we will again. We have no interest in PBP, but do want to get back into distance riding for a long tour someday, and brevets are good shake down rides.

Do you know what day you plan on your stop in Dade city?

France 04-15-13 04:27 AM

Some time in May...

Onegun 04-15-13 12:46 PM

Ok. Let me know when you nail it down a little tighter. We're only 20 miles west of Dade City, and depending on the day of the week I may be able to offer a place to stay overnight / some companionship for a few miles.


France 04-15-13 02:32 PM

Many Thanx...I'll keep you posted..Glenn

France 04-24-13 04:24 AM

My son will driving my van.. Room for 3 or 4 in van or I will bring a tent and hennessy hammock.
So far we have a guy from Fort Myers on board..Email: [email protected] .........send email and I'll
give you my phone #..Glenn

Onegun 04-30-13 12:27 PM

Glenn, it's almost May. Got a date yet?

France 04-30-13 05:33 PM

Not yet..I'm waiting on my friend from Fort Myers. He's a retail store mgr and has to make sure the store is covered..

Onegun 04-30-13 06:56 PM

No problem. If you choose to take advantage of the offer, we have a spare bedroom with a king size bed, 3 couches and/or plenty of floor space, plus 3 showers. We'd figured either hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill if you guys wanted to protein-pack, or my famous Chilly Willy's Ghetti-chili if you want to carbo-load!

Entertainment for the evening would be sitting around watching caveman TV, (a bonfire), while regaling one another with tales of daring-do from another time, `cause the older we gets, the faster we was or the further we went. And you know, the first liar don't even stand a chance!

France 05-01-13 10:59 AM

Thanx..Talk to you soon..Glenn

France 05-06-13 03:37 AM

Hey Bill, I'm still waiting on my partner from Fort Myers..Glenn

Onegun 05-06-13 07:22 AM

No hurry. Just give me a call when you've figured out the logistics.

France 05-20-13 05:08 AM

Hey Bill, Looks like I'll be making the trip after the summer in Sept. Glenn

Onegun 05-20-13 05:43 AM

No worries, Glenn. The door's always open. Save our info and give us a shout if you need us! Bill

France 05-20-13 05:46 PM

Thanx Bill..See you in Sept...Glenn

France 12-01-13 10:22 AM

Hey Bill,

If all goes well I'll be coming thru the first of April..My Dad's driving his Toyo camper down from N Ga.. He could pick you up on the way thru and you could ride a spell?


Onegun 12-01-13 11:34 AM

That'll work, and if you guys decide to spend the night in the area, we have a 30 amp, (camper), electrical hookup and a dump station right here.

France 12-01-13 11:52 AM

Thanx Bill.... Can you email me your address again. [email protected] Do you want to do the Withlacoochee the next day?

Onegun 12-01-13 01:12 PM

Love to. We both might even be in good enough shape to take the tandem so we don't slow you down and ride up and back to our truck.

I'm sending my contact info.

France 04-17-14 05:08 AM

Hey Bill,

Sorry to let you down again. I just can't seem to get my ducks in a row.


Onegun 04-17-14 10:03 PM


Originally Posted by France (Post 16678575)
Sorry to let you down again. I just can't seem to get my ducks in a row.


No problem Glenn. As it happens, I haven't been on a bicycle since we last emailed. Out life has been a really sad country song .... literally. Just before Christmas we had a pet of 13 years go down; one of my brothers-in-law passed; our rental tenants moved unexpectedly and left the property a mess; and my 83 y/o mom fell, broke four ribs, and I became primary care-giver. All since December 15th!

So, all that getting-back-in-shape springtime riding I was planning on went out the window. Bet I'd have a hard time doing 20 miles right now. But you'd still be welcome to use us as hostel anytime. :thumb:

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