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Juan Foote 07-09-13 05:05 AM

Fayetteville, GA
Can anyone tell me if there is a cycling scene of it's own there, or if folks are just going to PTC, McDonough, and Griffin?

We will be moving down to Fayetteville sometime within the next couple of months. This area is a bit further than I rode when living some miles east of there, and I haven't lived in that area for the last 11 years. I know some of the roads and areas from organized rides but wanted to see if any of you ride out there and have any tips or suggestions.

Looking really forward to being able to ride out my front door again.

RonH 07-09-13 06:51 AM

Wait, you just moved to Vinings. :eek: ;)
The good folks at MACC have several members and weekly rides down that way.
The best shop down there is Epic Bikes. Tim the owner is a really nice guy. They also have shop rides.
Several SBL members live and ride down there.

Juan Foote 07-09-13 07:09 AM

I know some of the MACC folks, and certainly know Epic Bikes, which is much more McDonough. The only other shop I hear anything about down that way any more is Trek of PTC. I don't even know if the shop by Kroger is still there....

Juan Foote 09-10-13 07:12 AM

I guess everyone in this area is too busy riding. Aside from the Wilson this past weekend, and unless you ride to Senoia...I have yet to pass another cyclist on the road. I thought Jackson was in the woods, but actually saw other people cycling there. I know y'all are out there. I see you on Strava. Lol

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