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Qaywsx 07-26-13 04:26 AM

Biking in Florida

I will be moving from Europe to Florida in two weeks and will reside in Wellington. I will work in Lake Worth (6 miles from appartment). As I will not have a car I want to use a bicycle for daily commute. Moreover, I want to use my bike also for going to the mall (2-3 miles), beach etc. My question is, is it safe to use a bike there? I want to spend max. $500 on my bike (any suggestions are very welcome), can I lock it in front of the mall or somewhere at the beach without having to worry about it being stolen?

Thank you

Rootman 07-26-13 07:21 AM

Look up the town on Google, chances are they have a web site and then check to see if they have a trail system or paths in the city. You can also Google up bike shops and check out online what they sell. Here in the states we have lot of Pawn Shops where people hock and sell stuff. Most all of them I've been to are loaded with bikes, so perhaps you could pick up something there. Although I'd lean more to a local bike shop so you can get it serviced when you need it.

Good luck and welcome to the ol' USA!

sci_femme 07-26-13 09:41 PM

Careful on quitting car cold turkey. Yes, I am defending a cage.

Problem with FLA coastal cities is that sometimes less than half a block separates haves and have-nots. There could be some pretty rough areas to traverse by bike, and public transportation may not be up to par. Miami has viable public transportation, not even close to what it is in Europe, the rest of the state is extremely rudimentary in this aspect.

jaxgtr 09-22-13 06:49 PM

I grew up in Lake Worth, close to the Beach and Wellington was a lot further than 6 miles when the initially built that place. You must be out further west...been a while since I've been down there..but Lake Worth area east of Military Trail is not nearly as safe as it was when I was growing up...a lot of gang activity in that area now. Good luck.

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