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mikemayhem 08-05-13 02:28 PM

Charlotte, NC - Beginner Routes
Does anyone have any recommendations for areas or routes for a beginner road cyclist in the Charlotte area? I actually live near the Booty Loop but i'm not quite ready to jump into the mix there as I am still getting used to my bike, clipless pedals, and extended saddle time. Currently I just ride through the local residential streets but I would like to venture out a little bit further as my conditioning gets better but still away from the main thoroughfares until I am accustomed to riding in traffic or with groups.

I do plan to do some group rides in the future with a LBS, but right now I don't think I could keep the pace or mileage to join them. But i'm working on it.

Thank you

cmschmie 08-13-13 08:41 AM

There are plenty of clubs that offer "beginner" rides. It's a little bit of a hike for you, but the Spirited Cyclist out of Huntersville has a very good beginner ride on Saturday mornings.
From what I remember (moved recently and it's hard for me to get to it by 8:00) it is a pretty popular group to ride and a lot of people show up. It may be a little daunting to see, but they are generally good guys.

Check out They list all the area group rides/charity rides etc...

Good luck

Solare 09-05-13 07:03 AM

The site is

mlander 11-04-13 03:51 PM

OK, I'm really late on this, but don't be worried to ride on the Booty Loop! I would say it's really good for beginners. The car drivers are accomodating. I can't think of a better place to start road riding. I like to do a few laps, then head up East Blvd, left on the MUP that traces the Lynx, then continue on the bike path all the way down Old Pineville.

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