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tatejern 08-06-13 06:43 PM

Yorktown/Hampton/Newport News area
Hey is anyone from this area? I'm having trouble finding any good places to ride. I know there are many bike trails but I'd rather not ride my road bike on them lol. I have been to City Center at Oyster Point after all of the stores close because the roads are empty and fairly smooth and parking garages provide a good uphill climb, and also Riverview Farm Park which has a figure 8 paved trail, but that gets pretty dull after a while. Anyone have any favorite places to ride? Most roads around me would be great, but there are very few bike lanes and roads are usually very busy.

fiddlecanoe 08-19-13 04:27 PM

Maybe you should drive west to the Williamsburg area. Lots of cyclists use the roads here. A good place to start is at Freedom Park, where you can park and then go out to Centerville Rd. Ride the Jolly Pond Rd loop, go to Cranston's Mill Pond Rd, on to Forge Rd, etc. The bike shops in town -- Bikes Unlimited and Bike Beat -- organize rides.

eddie62 08-19-13 08:37 PM

Check out The Battlefield Tour Roads in Yorktown, Dismal Swamp Canal Path (old US17), The Virginia Capital Trail. [h=1][/h]

BikeTheWolf 10-19-13 09:15 PM

This may be a little late but the downtown Norfolk area (around the Mcarthur Center) and Colley Ave. are both great. Lot of good bike shops (East Coast and Norfolk Bikes). Oh, and Ocean View and Willouhhby Spit have bike lanes and the beach.

And +1 to Freedom Park. Love that place.

DAME 10-20-13 08:33 AM

Agree with Freedom Park. I'm usually out there riding mtn bikes, but I see a ton of roadies around the area.

cc_rider 10-21-13 07:45 AM

Mathews County is a good riding area.

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