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Rover88 09-16-13 03:53 PM

Cycling on 30-A
I'm headed to Seagrove Beach, FL Saturday (09/21/13) and was wondering where the good spots to road bike are. Looks like a decent 36 mile loop on 30-A. How bike friendly is the traffic around there? Also are there any good bike shops in the area?

Lindaosm 09-16-13 06:43 PM

rode 30A last year in August but we did the paved path that runs next to the road. We did see some cyclist out but I didn't see much in the way of bike lanes. The path was very nice we road it from the far west end to Grayton Beach State Park and then further east almost to the end. Some places are very busy and you have to watch for traffic coming in and out of driveways. This time of the year is not as busy as the summer months. Not sure of any bike shops as we didn't need anything as we took ours with us. Have fun.

Ex Pres 09-17-13 08:22 AM

The bike shops near Seagrove mostly cater to beach cruiser rental crowd. IIRC the closest roadie shop is in Miramar. There used to be one at Blue Mtn but my last time by it had converted to the cruiser rental business model. Riding through Seaside / Seagrove, etc., you might find it easiest to ride on the road because of the driveway issue. Once you get out of the cottage areas, though, the paths work OK. Particularly between Seagrove towards Rosemary where for a stretch 30A stupidly is one lane each side with a raised median and gutters - absolutely no room for car to get around you.

Some of my most enjoyable rides have been with the Emerald Coast Cycling Club - their rides are on the N side of the Bay - lower traffic and even some rollers.

Don't be afraid of riding 98 at the E end of 30A across the bridge into Panama City, then veering onto the beach road. To me it's less harrowing than the W terminus of 30A taking 98 towards Destin / Sandestin area - (but I do that as well)

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