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CV-6 09-30-13 08:13 PM

Gravel grinding near Lake Mary, FL
Going to be in Lake Mary for two weeks starting Oct 7. Any gravel grinding routes in the area? Was eyeballing Ocala National Forest, wonder what all those little roads that show up might be like. Anyone done that?

zzOtherlandzz 10-03-13 06:05 AM

Beware the sand on those roads. Paisley Woods Bicycle trail is a 22 mile loop in the Ocala Forest though. It has a little bit of sand in different areas but overall a really cool trail. It is Florida your going to run into sand no matter where you ride off of the pavement. If you want to try mountain bike specific trails, Santos Mountain bike trails is one of the (if not the) best places to ride in Fl. <----- info on Paisley Woods

CV-6 10-13-13 11:17 AM

Thanks. Don't have an MTB. Ended up not shipping a bike down. Used to cost me about $50 round trip. Now it is $50 one way.

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