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SakeTGC 11-13-13 11:03 AM

Jacksonville, Fl
Hey, name is Kris and my girlfriend and I are in Jacksonville, Florida. Currently don't own bikes because we can't afford them just yet but soon we'll be able to. Nice to meet you! :thumb:

GaIslander 11-14-13 01:12 PM

Welcome from St Simons Island Ga. 70 miles north of Jax. Cruise Craigslist Jax. Lots of used bikes for sale. I have seen some really good deals. Chance to get into a good ride very reasonably.

RedC 11-16-13 07:55 PM

You've got a great bike club there and lots of good bike shops . Check out the North Florida Bicycle Club and you'll get lots of help. My son lives in Jacksonville nd occassionally I ride up there

SakeTGC 11-20-13 02:45 PM

Thanks for the info RedC =D

jaxgtr 11-20-13 08:09 PM

welcome... What kind of bike are you looking for? found some good ones on craig list in the past. What size bike do you need in case I see something?

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