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ls1togo 11-15-13 12:03 AM

Road Riding in the Pinehurst NC area
I'm looking for information about the road riding conditions around the Pinehurst NC area.. My wife and I are retired and live in the Reno NV area currently but lived for many years in Northern California. Information on clubs would be helpful, although I tend to be a solitary rider generally. I ride generally 5K or better annually and in most weather conditions....I am used to road shoulders/bike lanes and generally good and considerate drivers and since my family is from NC, I know that there are no road shoulders but little else about riding in the area.

Ex Pres 11-15-13 09:35 AM

I would contact the Sandhills Bike Club for information. My parents have retired to the area, but I haven't really taken any long rides when I've visited.

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