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silvermitsu10 11-18-13 01:03 AM

best beach city in the southeast
I'm looking to make a move in the next year. I currently live in Birmingham, Al. and I hate it. I'm basically wanting to find out which east coast beach city is the best for riding/living fairly inexpensively. I'd prefer somewhere pretty flat with plenty of beach scenes to cruise. I'd also like it to be somewhat of a night town, not wanting everything to shut down as soon as the sun goes down. What's everyone's opinion here?

mustridebikes 11-19-13 10:47 AM

I'll throw in a vote for Wilmington, NC. I've only been here a few months after moving from Denver, but so far its enjoyable. Riding is possible throughout the city thanks to some great trails and bike lane infrastructure, and this being the South there are far fewer fitness fanatic than in Denver, so not much bike traffic to speak of.

Wilmington has a University of North Carolina campus and all the nightlife that goes with a couple thousand undergrads. Also, we are a bit of a destination town during the summer months and there are parties and festivals nearly every weekend. I'm not sure if that meets your requirements for a nightlife. Don't forget this is still a very "blue law" area where pretty much everything (including the LBS) shuts down on Sundays.

ahsposo 11-19-13 07:38 PM



Sayre Kulp 11-21-13 11:37 PM

New Smyrna Beach is rated one of (if not THE) best beach town in the US pretty much every year.

silkey 11-27-13 08:07 PM

savannah is is myrtle beach.

btbeth 11-28-13 04:41 PM

Spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Savannah. Awesome place. Going for a bike ride tomorrow (been to Savannah multiple times but tomorrow will be my first bike ride...expect it to be good...will certainly meet your requirement for flat!)

yodatic 11-29-13 06:51 AM

We are partial to Pensacola after 30 years. Oops, make that 44 ! tom

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