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cleansheet 11-27-13 02:38 PM

Bike Shop / Mechanic in Boynton Beach/Delray Beach/Lake Worth?
I am going to be shipping my old bike to Florida ahead of my February vacation. This bike will retire with my parents at their place in Boynton Beach and be there for me to ride.

I am looking for a shop to send the bike to to reassemble and tune up and store for a week or two before I get down there. If it makes a difference the bike is a Jamis brand, but that shouldn't mean much. Last winter I rented a nice bike (Jamis, by chance) at Richwagons in Delray Beach. I have not gotten a warm, fuzzy feeling there or the two shops right on Boynton Beach Blvd (the old Velos and the other Bike America (?)) the past couple years walking around their shops. Not to say they are bad places, maybe its me, but I used to get a similar feeling at my own local shop until I got to know the mechanic.

Just looking for someone that is local to give a recommendation of a shop or mechanic.


Ruby13 11-27-13 02:48 PM

Try the Bike Lab on Federal Highway just South of Linton opposite the Cadillac dealer. Small shop that I feel comfortable with having bought my Synapse from them. Mechanic Jim is terrific and the owner Jeff also. Another shop you might try is Bicycle World on Lake Worth Blvd just off Jog. While a bigger store they are very friendly and I just stop in sometimes to break up a ride to shoot the breeze and see what they have.
Also feel the same about the old Velo's, bought two bikes from them and I walk in and have trouble getting someone to acknowledge me. Bike America is just a big box store in my opinion.
Good Luck

cleansheet 12-02-13 08:06 AM

Thanks. Bike Lab looks good (even mention reassembling bikes on their website). Bicycle World is a Jamis dealer. Looks like I shouldn't go wrong with either.

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