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bs63366 12-12-13 07:37 PM

Looking for bike shop recommendations near Augusta, GA
As the title says I am looking into getting a new bike and want to get it fit as well. Can anyone recommend a good bike shop for fitting the bike? I don't have a lot of experience on what it should feel like as I didn't get a very in depth fit on my current bike and its a mountain bike and I have next to no experience on road bikes to know what to look for and how its supposed to fit. Thank you all for any help you can provide.

ahsposo 12-14-13 03:01 PM

It's been a really long time since I did any bike business in Augusta but I used to buy from Andy Jordan on 13th St. and Outspokin' on Walton Way.

If Andy's still in business he must have 35 years of experience, at least.

bs63366 12-23-13 07:33 AM

Yeah I have been to those two looking for a new bike. Is there anything that is recommended a bit farther away that would be worth the drive for getting to a good shop?

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