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shona 12-14-13 06:45 AM

Withlacoochie trail
Here we are in Inverness, Florida riding the trail. Can anyone familiar with the area suggest places to eat?

lookinUp 12-14-13 08:50 AM

Stumpknockers in Inverness, the Front Porch in Dunnellon (don't be put off by the look of the place)

RonH 12-15-13 08:46 AM

Do you mean Withlacoochee Trail? ;)
Join the Withlacoochee Trail Riders to find a few good places. We meet at Wallace Brooks park in downtown Inverness every Tuesday and Thursday. Rides leave at 9:30am.
On the north end is the Front Porch Restaurant and Pie Shop in Dunnellon. They are "world known" for their pies. YUM!!! We go there every other Tuesday. We'll be heading up there this Tuesday (12/17). The alternate Tuesday we ride north and then go back to Sabina's in Hernando. Next to Sabina's is the Chicken King -- GREAT fried chicken. :thumb:
On Thursdays we ride south to Nobleton and stop at River Ratz to eat.
There's also Shamrock Inn in Floral City.
In Inverness there's Little Italy Deli. Awesome salads, sandwiches, Italian cookies, and other delicious Italian food. VERY friendly folks. :thumb:
There's Angelo's Pizza in downtown Inverness. Great Greek salad and pizza.
I can't recommend Stumpknockers. We've tried both and the food isn't that good. :(
These places are all within a few blocks of the trail.

If you need a good bike shop visit the new shop in town, Inverness Bicycle and Fitness.

If you want more info about anything send me a PM.

RedC 12-16-13 12:51 PM

We ate at Joe's Family Restaurant when we were there in October and they took such good care of us we came back the next night. Food was good, service was good and the prices were low. It's on Main St a couple of blocks off the trail but we rode there the first time and showed up with 12 of us in spandex and they took care of us

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