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Ronno6 01-02-14 07:13 AM

Suwannee Sweetheart Tour
Have any of y'all done this event??

Anybody planning to do it?

Ron Harry 01-06-14 02:57 PM

I did this weekend event in 2011. Great low traffic back roads, some skirting along swannee river; quite picturesque. I enjoyed it. One thing I remember though is that it was cold being in February. There were maybe 100 to 150 riders on two days of riding [remember, this was over 2 years ago]. People running the bike club there are top notch volunteer types, who have built up biking projects in the area, like extensive off road trails etc. [with their own sweat and tears]. One of the few rides I've attended where you get to mingle and chat with other riders inside the small bike club before the rides. I remember a lot of north fla. bike club Jax riders attended that year. White Springs had at least one good motel out by the interstate [75] and a couple of bed and breakfast', and a camp ground. It was well run; good support.

Ronno6 01-09-14 07:17 AM

Thanks for that info.
I may give it a go, even tho I'll be doing the Safari out of Live Oak in late April.
Some of the routes may overlap, but that's fine.
Now, to motel or camp ???

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