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12bar 01-11-14 06:13 PM

Blue Ridge GA
We will be relocating to the Blue Ridge Georgia area in the next few months and were hoping to find out what the riding is like around there.

RonH 01-11-14 06:40 PM

We considered moving to Blue Ridge from Atlanta a few years ago. I stopped at the only bike shop in town and was told than no one rides road bikes because there are no safe roads. Everyone rides mtn bikes.
The closest road riding in riding north on US129 from Vogel State Park to Blairsville. I've seen lots of folks riding along there.
I think there are a few other routes from Blairsville that folks ride, like Blairsville to Hiawassee or Young Harris and north from Blairsville toward Hayesville, NC.

Anyway, we decided not to make the move and ended up in west central FL. Now I ride the Withlacoochee, Suncoast, etc.

12bar 01-11-14 07:58 PM

Those are both great trails I have ridden them many times.

Corsarider 01-11-14 09:13 PM

There is riding from Blue Ridge. Here is one that starts just north of BR

Here is one that starts in Blur Ridge

Also you will be within an hours drive of many GREAT areas to ride

Juan Foote 01-14-14 07:52 PM

Yeah, I am not sure where Ron visited, but can tell you simply from frequent drives in the N Ga area that road riding is alive and well up there. I can not say that you won't need balls and legs of steel, but there is LOTS of riding going on up there, even in the winter.

lsberrios1 01-14-14 08:00 PM

I would move to blue ridge right now if I could. Probably one of my fave places in the world. Riding being one of the primary reasons.

Allen 01-14-14 09:26 PM

Also consider taking up fly fishing. Bill Oyster, arguably the best bamboo fly rod maker in the world, has his shop in Blue Ridge. The fishing in the area is outstanding as well.

Bikedud 02-04-14 12:40 PM

When you get there, go to Mountain Casuals on E. First St. and ask for Bill Adkins (owner). He is an avid cyclist and an all around great guy. If you have any trouble, let me know.

Corsarider 02-04-14 07:29 PM

I have ridden with Bill often down around Calhoun and Cartersville with the Brew Crew. Agreed, he is a great guy. One of the routes I posted is his annual Blue Ridge ride.

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