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speciale 02-03-14 02:18 PM

Asheville Riding Conditions
I'm making a road trip that will ultimately put me in Florida but on my way i'm stopping in Charlotte to visit a friend. I'm thinking of spending a night or two in Asheville though because I know there is some great riding there but I don't know what the conditions are right now.

Keep in mind, I'm riding in 15 degree snow storms at the moment so my threshold for riding in crap weather is at an all time high.

Is it worth my time? Would I be able to get on the blue ridge for example?

SJX426 02-04-14 02:16 PM

Contact wrk101. He lives 30 miles east of Asheville in Waynesville.

bigbenaugust 02-05-14 08:54 AM

It's just wet this week. You missed the snow last week.

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