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speedevil 02-23-14 04:10 PM

New resident of Cadiz, KY
We just closed on a house on Lake Barkley in Cadiz, KY. We'll be in the process of moving from northern IL over the next few weeks.

I'll be hoping to meet some BF inmates that would be interested in 50-75 mile rides. 274 towards Eddyville looks pretty good but I've not ridden it, just driving.

Any other rides to try?

Any centuries in the area?

Thanks in advance.

Jdfrakes 03-24-14 07:42 PM

The Redbud ride is in London in april. Horsey hundred in Georgetown (I think) in may. Preservation Pedal In Winchester in June and the Hub city tour in Etown sometime in September. All are part of the Kentucky Century Challenge.

rm -rf 03-24-14 08:05 PM

Cadiz is way to the west side of Kentucky. He's much closer to Nashville than Elisabethtown, and the other rides are even farther away. Cadiz is 300 miles from my northern KY location!

For routes, try ridewithgps Find page, put in a starting location, and use the min, max distance sliders to find posted routes.

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