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Noonievut 02-27-14 11:24 AM

Travelling to NC Mt Mitchell area in late March
A friend and I are heading down from Ontario, Canada in a month for some, hopefully, warm weather riding for a few days. I'm familiar with Mt Mitchell and we'll be climbing it for sure. Was wondering if the locals or those who have cycled and stayed in the area have tips on the following:

- thinking of staying in one of the following cities/towns (Burnsville, Mars Hill, Weaverville, Asheville)...any other cities to consider?
- we would like a place that has at minimum a kitchenette (stove, fridge, sink)
- something clean, great views would be a bonus

- don't have our full riding legs in us, but planning to do at least 3 days of long rides, at a comfortable pace, with as many stops along the way as necessary...any other route recommendations (links to strava/gps maps are fine)

Would appreciate any other tips too!


tulip 02-27-14 12:21 PM

It's not likely to be super warm, and it might well be quite cold on the mountain, but it's a beautiful area (my family lives there). Asheville has alot to offer (great restaurants, breweries, stuff to do). Sending you a PM about accommodations. Have fun!

bigbenaugust 02-27-14 12:52 PM

Take pictures and make me jealous. We haven't made it to the mountains yet.

Ex Pres 02-27-14 04:16 PM

have you checked vacations rental by owner (

muzpuf 02-27-14 04:36 PM


Originally Posted by Ex Pres (Post 16533225)
have you checked vacations rental by owner (

VRBO is the best rental site on earth

NealH 02-27-14 04:42 PM

In Burnsville, the Carolina Country Inn is excellent. And I mean excellent. I have stayed there on numerous occasions, especially for ride events like the Burnsville Metric, Roan Moan and even the Hot Doggett 100 (Mars Hill). All three of these are excellent routes, with the Hot Doggett the most challenging. And speaking of Mars Hill, the college there has a 7 room guesthouse that is also excellent. As long as there isn't some kind of homecoming event, there are always rooms available there. And as long as rooms are available, they will rent them to bikers. Contact the Alumni Assoc at the college. The rooms are a bonafied bargain, believe me. The Hot Doggett route - especially the century - is one of the better routes in and around Asheville and it starts at the college (get the route from the Hot Doggett 100 website). I highly recommend it.

Asheville has numerous motels. I sometimes stay at the Extended Stay Inn as its convenient. Microtels are pretty good motels also. The Blue Ridge Breakaway century route is another spectacular route with regards to terrain and vistas. A good part of this route is on the Parkway - in fact the most scenic part of the entire Parkway imho. You can get this route from the BRB website.

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