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Noonievut 03-03-14 07:57 AM

Southeast US / Late March / Possible Destinations?
I have a cycling trip planned in late march to NC, however, if the weather is bad (i.e., not much better than here around Toronto...hey, it's possible), I may head further south/west to warmer climates. If I do so, I'll be renting a road bike and not taking my own due to the inconvenience of doing so (no bike box, fees, etc). And I'll be flying instead of driving.

Will be going for 5 days including flights, looking for an area not far from an airport (hour at most), that has access to nice, quiet (and relatively safe) country roads/trails, with a bike store or two who rents decent road bikes...I'm thinking of a suburb on the end of town (like where I live). If I have to travel further west and it adds an hour to the light, that's ok.

Just looking for city names, etc., so that I can do my own research. Never been to that part of the US.


bigbenaugust 03-03-14 09:59 AM

This winter, you'd be better off heading for Miami or waiting until May. :)

Noonievut 03-03-14 01:54 PM


Originally Posted by bigbenaugust (Post 16543816)
This winter, you'd be better off heading for Miami or waiting until May. :)

By May it's warm enough here so I wouldn't be going anywhere...I'm looking to travel far enough south so that I can ride without the winter gear I'm currently using in sub-zero(c) temps. Not to mention it's a trip, and those are always fun. Florida is on my hit list...but I've never been there and I'm not sure how good the road cycling is (and what areas are best). I'm fine with 15c / 60f daytime highs. I can't control rain so I'll be bringing rain gear and would ride daily, and pick my times based on forecast.


bigbenaugust 03-03-14 08:38 PM

We might actually be achieving 60F this weekend. Not sure about the hill country west of us, though.

tulip 03-06-14 07:29 AM

Natchez Trace (or parts) in Mississippi.
Austin, Texas
Florida (I've heard Gainesville has a bike culture but I've never been there)
South Carolina - Greenville/Spartanburg (but might be chilly still, and it's close to Asheville); coast will be warmer but I don't know how the riding is

It's been a cold, long winter here in the south. Usually late March is really spring down here, but we don't know what to expect for this spring.

ETA: Vero Beach, Florida has an active bike club and it's definitely warm there. No hills, though.

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