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kearney1511 08-13-14 01:26 PM

Pre Owned Bike Shops
Does anyone know if there are any legal issue that should be addressed if someone wanted to open a pre owned bike shop? I know most bike shops only carry one or two brands, and those brands are appointed to the shop owners in most cases based on region. So, would there be a legal issue if someone wanted to sell all brands, if all the bikes were pre owned?

Greg C. 08-13-14 01:32 PM

I don't see it being any different than owning a used car lot. Once the unit is sold the 1st time, the manufacturer would have no control over the distribution i.e. who buys it or sells it.

RaleighSport 08-13-14 03:08 PM

I live in Ca one of the most litigious places on earth... my favorite bike shop is a used bike shop and it's been doing well for several years now. I think as long as you're competent as a mechanic and have the right insurance it doesn't matter.

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