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tollhousecookie 01-09-13 11:36 PM

Tour de Palm Spring 2013 100 miler... Who's in?
The only reason I go is for the weather the post ride beer and to work on my tan. Planning on a 5 hr. pace...if the traffic lights go my way.
Have you done this before?
What do you think of the course?

ooga-booga 01-10-13 04:31 AM

the course sucks but it is a good one if you are looking to complete your first century or haven't done one in ages as the route is relatively flat. all the 'climbing' is in the first half.
prettiest road in the area (1000 palms dr) gets used in the shorter route (55 or 60 miles-can't remember) and doubles as the 'bailout' road for the century. jacket weather at the
start in the morning as it gets mighty cold but it warms up fairly quickly.

RidinDirtee 01-16-13 12:10 PM

I'll be there. Does anyone have a discount code for this ride?

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