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Oceanside 12 year old dies Oct 22 2015

Southern California Southern California

Oceanside 12 year old dies Oct 22 2015

Old 12-01-15, 06:53 AM
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Oceanside 12 year old dies Oct 22 2015

Community mourns young surfer killed while riding bike | FOX5 San Diego ? San Diego news, weather, traffic, sports from KSWB
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Old 12-01-15, 08:53 AM
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How tragic! 7:00am and it is light out. A 3500 is a big truck, but the driver must not have been very attentive. Wow, how tragic. My grandson is that age. Truly heart breaking for the family.
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Old 12-01-15, 10:56 AM
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My son is 12. What a terrible tragedy.
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Old 12-02-15, 02:28 PM
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Very tragic. As some commenters at the end of the article surmise the young man may have been riding the sidewalk. One goes into great detail why it's a bad idea, exactly what I've said a number of times. Riding on the sidewalk is not recommended for a very good reason and has very little to do with pedestrians. My son did the same thing and luckily he was not under the car but did hit the front fender. It was as much his fault as it was the driver's who stopped past the stop line. When you're driving, note when you roll up to an intersection with a Stop sign or light and are turning right, most of us look left not right and if a bike is coming fast from the right, that's it. If you're going to ride the sidewalk (and I do occasionally), even if it's the same direction as traffic, understand the dynamics and make sure an approaching car sees you.

Good comments:
Looking at that area and the description, it seems like it happened here:


The most likely scenario is that the kid was riding south on the sidewalk. The driver was likely looking left for oncoming traffic and turning right and never saw the kid coming down the sidewalk. As an added bonus, there’s a wall there that could have made it harder to see the kid even if he had tried to look that way.
I don’t recommend riding on the sidewalk but if you must, then at least ride in the same direction as traffic in the nearest travel lane. Your chances of being seen are much better. Also, try to keep the speeds low on the sidewalk. If drivers expect traffic on the sidewalks at all, they expect pedestrian speeds, not bicycle speeds.
Drivers need to be aware when exiting driveways that there could be bicyclists on the sidewalk coming from their right. There even some bike paths that put bicyclists in the same position. Always look both ways for bikes and pedestrians when crossing any sidewalk. There are no direction rules on sidewalks. If I was driving out of this driveway, I’d probably come to a near stop before crossing the sidewalk in order to make sure that there were no bikes coming down the hill.

October 23, 2015 at 11:56 AM

[h=5]Avid Cyclist[/h] The driver was turning left (south). Logan would have been heading south, probably on the sidewalk. Probably moving fast since it is a slight downhill. That driveway exit has visual obstructions on BOTH sides. The driver must have been looking left for traffic as he pulled out onto the roadway and not seen Logan coming from his right. The truck would have been hidden from Logan’s sight by the wall to the right (north) of the driveway. So it is likely that either [1] Logan crossed in front of the truck thinking the truck would wait for him, but the driver was only looking left and did not see him, or [2] Logan was moving so fast downhill that when the truck pulled up at the edge of the driveway he could not stop in time, hit the side of the truck and went underneath, and then the truck driver pulled out into the road. I think option 2 is much more likely. Particularly since the truck driver probably slowed and crept out into the road a little to see around the trees, sign, and light pole on his left. In either case, had the automobile driver stopped when he heard something hit his vehicle, Logan would be alive.
A few more observations: Statistically, you are safest on a bike when you ride in the street in the direction of traffic. Drivers only look where cars will be when pulling out. This means they OFTEN do not look all the way to their right. If you are riding against traffic, you are at risk of not being seen. Drivers also do not fully notice anything on the sidewalk. It is not a part of their world when they are driving. Even if you are in plain sight, an auto driver can be surprised by a cyclist or pedestrian that enters the roadway from the sidewalk. This is true for driveways and cross-streets. A lot of collisions like this can be avoided if you follow the rules of safe cycling. Rule #1 is do not ride against traffic.
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