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My ride comes to an end

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My ride comes to an end

This past Wednesday, I officially called it quits on my originally unplanned and undestinated tour due to a request from my knees. My 13 week tour came after a 7 year absence from the bike and an 8 year absence from touring (for the same said reason). So you all can understand how great it was to be back on the bike (even if you've never toured) and even greater to be touring (it's in my soul). I wish to thank everyone who contributed to making this tour so good while I was riding from advice to verbal support to free showers to offers of food or a bed. Most of those people don't hang out here, so they'll never see this thank you, but it's there.

For those of you who are interested, here's a list of what I learned while touring 7 counties (SD, Imperial, Orange, LA, Ventura, SB, SLO) in southern California...

1. California is the State of Big Brother
2. California is the State of Fear
3. California is the State of Video Surveillance (I've done London. They do NOT have more cameras!)
4. There is no other state, country or continent which has more Don't do this and Don't do that rules.
5. Librarians are no longer the smartest people in a community
6. I rarely found any signs of intelligent life
7. Small libraries employ too many librarians
8. The state claims there's a drought, but they sure waste a lot of water themselves
9. 98% of the drivers are safe around cyclists (this statistic does not include truck drivers)
10. Rich people are exempt from conserving water
11. Long distance truck drivers know how to give a berth; local truckers are hit or miss
12. The worst drivers of the 7 counties are to be found in SLO. Unless the moon and stars were just badly aligned those days.
13. Of 6 bike tours involving 24 countries, San Luis Obispo was the only location in which I became paranoid of having my bike and/or things on the bike stolen.
14. California sure is expensive.
15. Californians prefer to smile as you pass by on your touring bike rather than giving a wave or shouting out a hello.
16. California has noisy libraries.
17. American touring motorcyclists don't acknowledge touring cyclists.
18. Conspiracy theory? No, reality. The Mexicans have taken back the territory they lost 150 years ago.
19. American supermarkets only sell winter mandarins by the bag. Mexican markets will sell them by the pound.
20. San Diego has the best bike infrastructure in southern Cal.
21. Imperial County has the worst, followed some-what closely by Ventura County.
22. Imperial County is the best place to go to learn or practice Spanish as white people make up only 2% of the population.
23. The worst drivers are in/around LA County.
24. Tourist offices are useless when manned by 20-somethings or seniors with no travel experience.
25. The U.S. sure has a lot of males who believe that females belong barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.
26. Males are more scared of doing a bike tour than females.
27. It's not easy free camping the U.S. Or at least not in this region.
28. The general public really doesn't have a problem with free camping. It's just the authorities who have to enforce the laws who do.

Long live the bike and bike touring!
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lots of maddening and frustrating goings-on in the state for sure. 33+ million people in the state (with the vast majority of that in southern california)
will do that to a (cycling) visitor or local.

guessing there musta been a few truly sublime and unforgettable moments that you enjoyed tho.

hoping the knees recover soon. a 13 week
tour is almost beyond my comprehension! happy future travels!
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You learned so much during your tour. I hope you learned a little something about the importance of bikefit, and of not going to extremes again. Although, given the broad brush-strokes with which you've painted us, I don't have much hope.

1. You say that California is the State of Big Brother, yet you whine that we didn't tax our citizenry enough to provide a perfect experience when you chose to ride on terrible bicycling routes like Highway 76. Did you do any research at all on routes? If you'd asked herein, we'd gladly have told you to avoid that stretch, and recommended alternate routes. P.S. Sorry we didn't join your half@$$ed campaign to make that particular stretch perfect for your next trip.
2. If we're really the State of Fear, how come not every one of us carries pathetic firearms?
3. Video Surveillance? Are you kidding?
4. You've never been to New York, obviously.
5. A beautiful generalization, mostly because it exposes your biases.
6. Nice. In addition to packing your biases, you also carried some prepackaged petty personal insults.
7. Again with the libraries? You're sounding even loonier than when you were whining when we didn't rally round your banner to turn Hwy 76 (which passes through three Indian Reservations, and therefore might not kowtow to your desire for a few million more dollars worth of fresh asphalt) into a bicycle utopia.
8. You're denying there is a drought? WhoTF is "they"?
9. Your sample is far too small. And are you saying that truck drivers are wonderful or awful?
10. Congratulations. You know how to read. Now try reading other news.
11. So some truckers are wonderful, and some truckers are awful. Thanks, very helpful.
12. I've had many positive experiences riding in SLO County, and so few negative experiences there that they don't even warrant mentioning. Perhaps they just couldn't maneuver their automobiles around the lane-wide chip on your shoulder?
13. Sounds more like you had enough of their local wacky-tabacky to make yourself paranoid.
14. Of course it's expensive. Everyone wants to live here. If you can't afford it, move to Saharizona.
15. Sorry didn't shout hello or wave. And sorry my smile wasn't enough.
16. That's true, but libraries are evolving in the Information Age. Where are these quiet libraries with which you're comparing our awesome libraries.
17. Broad brush strokes, mate. Most American cyclists wave to all other cyclists unless we can see the lane-sized chip on your shoulder.
18. Not Conspiracy Theory, exactly; in your case, I'd call it Racist Theory. Wtf?
19. Sorry we didn't measure up to your expectations, winter-mandarins-wise.
20. San Diego, the city? Are you insane? SD County is nice, which is the reason I live here, but SD city is backwards and barbaric compared to anywhere on the West Coast.
21. The worst what? Pancakes? Thai prostitutes? Spelling?
22. 2% of the population? I'd like to see your census sampling on this, racist.
23. Never been to Florida, eh? Guess how I know this.
24. Maybe that's because no one actually visits tourist offices? We still have those in the Information Age? And you still went into them? (There are still more than one?) Bro, do you even have Internet?
25. Funny thing about US males; when we meet someone with an obvious chip on his or her shoulder, we know just how to joke in such a manner that gets his or her goat. Sounds like we found one.
26. Now I'm going to go out on a very sexist limb here and propose that you are not a male? Just a guess; I'm open to the possibility (however remote) that I'm wrong on this.
27. That's true. You're 1 for 27 so far. Good work.
28. The general public? You mean the portion that's male? Or that's hispanic? Perhaps the 80's pop sensation?

Long live the bike and bike touring!
At least you ended on a positive note. Better luck on your next tour. Sorry your first tour in such a long time turned out to be a bummer. Maybe pack a little lighter on your next one (less shoulderchip, for example), it might go a little easier on your knees.

A loving person lives in a loving world,
A hostile person lives in a hostile world,
Everyone you meet is your mirror.
-Ken Keyes, Coos Bay, OR

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P.S. Sorry I didn't notice your very clever (and very sexist) signature before: "I'm not a guy...brand doesn't matter."
My mistake. Are you 19? With lots of facial piercings? Hope I'm wrong. Again.
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Libraries? Probably for bathroom stops.
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Did you post a rant because Southern California didn't adapt to you? Well, you are free to leave California (or even the USA) anytime you want to. No border fences or armed guards to stop you, either. Please check back in when you find your perfect world.

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This is the funniest post I have read on BF. Please keep posting negatives about California in general and SoCal in specific.

we don't need people like you fouling up our state.

Hasta la vista baby!
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Originally Posted by skidder
Did you post a rant because Southern California didn't adapt to you? Well, you are free to leave California (or even the USA) anytime you want to.
I'm curious as to her nationality & home state/country too. Not because I want to trash it (or go take a half-cocked tour there and tell them what's wrong with their laws, customs, infrastructure, people, produce, and libraries), but only because I've ridden in plenty of states and European countries too and I think we've got it pretty good here.

I admit I had a few glasses of wine in me last night, coming home from a wedding reception, and also that we're not the reading capital of the world. If libraries are important to you, tour someplace with a more literary climate (i.e. constant rain and cold). Our weather's too nice to stay inside reading 'mid cloisters dim for long periods of time.

The one exception is the Carlsbad City Library, right across the street from my home. It's palatial, modern, quiet (mostly because it's so devoid of humans, but our weather's too nice for any of us to spend enough time in there to develop any intelligence. )
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You sound like a dick. Good riddance.
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