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LetsRoll 01-23-17 09:16 PM

Riding at Night: Santa Ana River Trail Orange to HB
I notice others riding at night on the trail. The trails posted hours are to close at 6 PM until March. Is this just a guideline, or do they enforce this?

skidder 01-24-17 09:38 PM

There are a few entry/exit gates that have regulations posted, and they say 7AM - 7PM. I've been on it at 5AM-5:30AM at times of the year when the first light of dawn starts peaking over the horizon with no issues, and a lot of others are out there at that time, too. I've been on it in the evening after sunset for short stretches and seen quite a few folks using it for workouts or as an off-street transportation route. I don't think I'd regularly ride on it at night due to the low visibility factor and the possibility of having a collision; there's a few areas where gang activity might be a problem, but that's secondary compared to the possibility of a collision. I've never heard of anyone being cited for using it at night.

Garfield Cat 01-26-17 09:19 AM

I pass the SART by car in the morning in Fountain Valley as I pass Costco on Talbert/MacArthur. A few days ago there were fire trucks at the side of SART. Looked like a rescue as I see lots of tents on the SART.

Riding at night? Wow.

TrojanHorse 01-27-17 02:35 PM

I used to ride on that trail all the time at night (8 pm ish). Now it's SGRT at night for me, never had a problem with any sort of authorities.

The homeless encampments though, are growing in size and scope. Maybe it's just the recent rains that flushed them out of wherever they had been but the numbers of tents I see are remarkable. I have yet to have an issue with any campers though.

HBCruiser1 01-27-17 08:34 PM

Last 2 years I've done an all-nighter 200km Audax ride up and down the SART, starting at 7pm and finishing 5am or so. The organizer does it every year. Personally I'd be sketched out to ride it alone, but I know people who do. I think the "curfew" is posted to cover the county in case anything happened. I think they'd lean on the fact that it's closed and you were not supposed to be there.

bored117 03-30-17 02:25 PM

There are some of us Metrolink users who rides out from Riverside all the way to... Costa Mesa (4 miles before beach). That starts around 4:20 AM in the morning in Riverside and I've yet to see anything closed... :)

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