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raceboy 08-31-19 09:28 PM

MAmmoth Lakes to Santa Monica
Mammoth Lakes to Santa Monica?Started this in the Touring forum but it probably makes more sense to post here for local advice...Hi all, Is this ride doable? It looks like Bikes are allowed on 395 but how about 14? I can bypass parts by jumping onto Sierra Highway. Other parts look like I have to be on 14 according to Google and Iím not sure that I dig that idea for safety reasons. All intel greatly appreciated!

skidder 09-01-19 11:24 AM

I haven't been down Hwy 395/14 in a few years, but you shouldn't have road access issues until you get to Lancaster/Palmdale; you'll probably have to find surface street as you go through there (Rosemond shouldn't be an issue). Hwy 14 through the hills might be a bit daunting due to traffic and the uphills. After that its just the usual PITA riding through the Santa Clarita and San Fernando valleys.

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