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roadfix 05-20-08 09:18 AM

Welcome to my house, new members!!

alicestrong 05-20-08 09:45 AM


Originally Posted by hendrick81 (Post 6723545)
My name is richard, im 26, i live in san luis obispo, and i ride an "08 trek madone 4.5". Any other san luis obispo people here????

Hi Richard Welcome...:)

You live sort of borderline between Northern and Southern Cal. You might try asking on the Northern Cal subforum, too.

alicestrong 05-20-08 09:48 AM


Originally Posted by Nerdanel (Post 6726473)
I am Nerdanel and I live in and ride (mostly) in the San Fernando Valley. I commuted to work (via Red Line) pretty regularly through April, but I'm an academic and don't have to commute at all over the summer. I have a comfy Giant hybrid bike and, having read a bunch of threads defining the term, I guess I'm a Fred or, I guess, a Doris. You be the judge.

Welcome Wilma! :D:)

Did you score some free stuff recently on the Red Line? :)

alicestrong 05-20-08 09:53 AM

Hi roadie114 ! Be on the look out for this guy...

John R 06-02-08 11:03 PM

Hi All
I'm John, I live in Yorba Linda, I commute to Westminster everyday, I ride the Santa River trail from Yorba Linda Blvd to 17th street Santa Ana then across to Golden West. I do a killer training ride every Saturday morning. This ride starts at Noel Ranch and Santa Canyon road. It goes through Orange, Tustin, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Live Oak Canyon, Santiago Canyon, Silverado Canyon, then back to Orange. I do Como Street or race on Sundays.
Ride unil you drop....John

alicestrong 06-06-08 09:24 AM

Hi John

Welcome! That's quite a commute!

Chilero 06-06-08 07:24 PM

Hi all,

I'm Carlos. I've been riding a road bike mostly seriously for 35 years with a couple of 3 year breaks, first time due to a knee injury and then as a newly wed. Good thing is my wife quickly picked up cycling (no coaxing on my part) and now is my most regular cycling partner. My oldest son, 23 years old, is also a roadie and actually races. I have 16 year old twins (boy+girl). Girl rides a beach cruiser and Boy was hit by a car that ran a stop sign two weeks ago, while riding his mountain bike. He's okay, though his bike is a complete loss with a broken fork, crumpled frame, bent wheels, broken skewer, etc. You know what? The Giros helmet my oldest son got him the week before saved his life... that thing is broken where the car hit him and where he hit the pavement.

I have a numerous extended family of roadies, some do triathlons and many are marathoners, so its easy to get a group together. Mostly we ride north along the L.A. river (Lario Trail), then along Rio Hondo. Sometimes when we're feeling brave we continue north until the dam and head east for a couple of miles until we join the San Gabriel river, which we ride south to P.C.H., then head north along the beach bike path and finally join the L.A. river again to complete a 52 mile loop. On rare occasions we extend that ride to 70 miles. A few times a year we do charity rides, our favorites are the Solvang Prelude, Solvang Century, and Tour de Palm Springs. This year we did the Tour de Sewer. When I was much younger I did crazy things like the Davis Double and once I rode from Canada to Long Beach.

My usual ride is a '05 Jamis Eclipse, a combination carbon/Reynolds with mid-range Campy. I like it because it's very comfortable for centuries and very stylish traditional frame but good enough for fast group rides... and maybe even local crits? I'll know at the end of this month, my first race since college. I also own an '85 De Rosa (Campy SR) which I kinda ride every once in a rare while, a vintage '85 Trek (very clean, original paint in very good condition and Campy SR) which I plan on selling soon (anyone interested?), and another couple of vintage bikes in process of being restored.

It's better to have raced and lost, than never to have raced at all

The_Spaniard 06-07-08 02:51 AM

the names Pol, i live in san diego, bike around mira mesa and sorrento valley, usually biek around calle cristobal to sorrento valley rd. not very long i know but i just started and i ride for sprint triathlons at the moment. heh. nice to meet you all.

Ryon 06-07-08 12:52 PM

My name's Ryon (pronounced however you want). I am currently graduating from UC Irvine and I do the group rides with the cycling team here at UCI. My favorite is como, by far. During the week I ride combinations of backbay, PCH, and the hills around newport coast (newport coast drive, pelican coast, vista ridge, ridge park, etc...) This is what I look like on a bike, pulling, and hurting haha:

I'm a big guy, so people like my wheel. I'll be moving to the UCSD area in a few weeks for work, so I'll be looking to meet up with new people to ride (and have Tour de France parties). I'm looking to start the Swami's ride, and also training for the camp pendleton olympic distance triathlon on July 19th. If you want to ride, let me know!

adpikasey 06-12-08 06:01 PM

Hey! I'm Kasey, 29 yrs old.. and I road bike.. mainly throughout Oc. I live by the SA River bed. Let's ride!!
No really... here is me in action!

novas 06-15-08 10:23 PM

hi, i'm nicole. new here. and relatively new to california. last june i moved from the midwest out to the LA area for a job and i'm loving it.

i ride road, mountain (although not as much since moving out here) and i commute most of the time on my bike. my haul is from hermosa beach into east torrance/carson - about 8 miles, one-way. i do it on a marin larkspur, which is great for the commute because i can carry all my crap on it, the tires/wheels are great for the crap roads i ride on, and it's reasonably light so it doesn't slow me down too much.

people at work like to laugh when i walk in wearing padded, spandex shorts.

anyway, i do most of my riding around the south bay area of LA, so if anyone is around these parts, hello to you! :)

efficiency 06-15-08 10:27 PM


Originally Posted by Ryon (Post 6837667)
I'm a big guy, so people like my wheel. I'll be moving to the UCSD area in a few weeks for work, so I'll be looking to meet up with new people to ride (and have Tour de France parties). I'm looking to start the Swami's ride, and also training for the camp pendleton olympic distance triathlon on July 19th. If you want to ride, let me know!

There are a few people that live in that area on this board. If you spend anytime at the SD Velodrome, I may run into you.

Chilero 06-16-08 10:32 AM


Originally Posted by novas (Post 6888538)
people at work like to laugh when i walk in wearing padded, spandex shorts.

anyway, i do most of my riding around the south bay area of LA, so if anyone is around these parts, hello to you! :)

Hi Nicole,
I commute to Torrance from Long Beach twice a week 10 miles each way. Like a million (I wish) others that commute in spandex, I used to get stares; after three years they've come to accept me and I've managed to convince others to start riding as well. This summer I hope to revive our Friday afternoon social rides, easy just-for-fun rides with a beer stop half way.
Welcome to SoCal and the South Bay!

RMetalBroad 06-25-08 12:30 AM

Hi Everyone!

I ride mainly in the Valley. I work in West Hills and live in Van Nuys. So I commute. I also ride for errands on the weekend. My main route is the Orange Line bike path, it's a few miles out of my way, but the safety and serenity is well worth the extra few miles :D

I used to drive an ancient SUV (that I had for a year), but decided to sell it when gas hit $3.40. Used the chump change I got for it to buy a better bike.

And I don't regret it one bit! :D

alicestrong 06-25-08 09:59 AM

Hey welcome! Cool blog you have...

I'm a CICLE fan, also...

roadfix 06-25-08 10:37 AM

All you new members, welcome to my house!

Cal_Jordan 06-25-08 01:52 PM

Hi, my irrelevant. Cal is good enough...and yes, its short for California. I love California. I'm a native Californian; made, born, and raised. I love California. I'm 29 years old. I'm in the Navy. I live/am stationed in San Diego and am originally from the Monterey Bay. I love Hip Hop, chainsaws, and puppies...but not at the same time.

I ride a number of routes from my house to and from work...the shortest of which is a hilly 9.5 mile route through Barrio Logan, up Euclid/54th to my place on Collwood Blvd. I love it.

I ride an 02 Diamondback Outlook on Deore wheels with Continental city tires...I'll put a pic of me up as soon as I get the chance to put one up...for sure. and I like to pose...why not? Chicks dig it.

I'm always looking for someone to ride with, but riding by myself is something I do enjoy.

Earlsquirl 06-26-08 02:39 PM

Live in HB, commute up and down PCH to Newport (and have been for the past several months now) and find it very neccessary to race everyone on my way to work. Haha, I dont ride with anyone as I have only had my bike for a couple of months but if anyone is interested let me know. Also, give me some ideas or new places to ride....PCH is getting waaaaay boring.

Arcadia Slim 06-27-08 02:23 AM

Howdy. Name's Mike. I live in the east Hollywood/Los Feliz area of Los Angeles and work in Burbank on the Warner Bros lot. My daily commute is about 10 miles each way; on the way TO work, I take the bike path that runs along the Los Angeles River; on the way home (usually pretty late at night) I ride down San Fernando Road through Glendale.

I've been riding for about a year. I lived in Portland, OR for a couple of years and didn't ride a bike that I'm a rider, I regret this fact. It's undoubtedly the most bike-friendly city I've ever lived in. I can't say the same for L.A. I still love this city, though.

I currently ride a Trek hybrid bike; I used to ride a 1972 Motobecane Mirage, which I'm hoping to unload on some fixie-crazed hipster (there're no shortage of those around here). OR maybe I'll just donate it to the Bike Kitchen.

Anyway, good to be here. I'm enjoying the life of the bike commuter!:thumb:

alicestrong 06-28-08 05:50 PM

Hi new people! Welcome to roadfix's house!

( I know some crazed hipster type at the bike Oven who might like that moto) :lol:

Cal_Jordan 06-28-08 10:01 PM

well, here's me and my ride, finally...

alicestrong 07-02-08 09:33 AM

Looks like a great commuter, huh? Welcome!

roadfix 07-02-08 10:42 AM

Yes! Welcome to the House! :beer:

alicestrong 07-02-08 10:48 AM

...the mad house, lol...:cheers:

roadfix 07-02-08 11:11 AM


Originally Posted by alicestrong (Post 6986825)
...the mad house, lol...:cheers:

But we are all normal cyclists! :D

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