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thedips 07-02-08 06:53 PM


i ride

mcgyver 07-02-08 07:29 PM

Claremont checking in
I grew up in the 80's. My first "real bike" was a 10-speed Murray from K-Mart. I rode the hell out of that thing. I was actually riding up to 100 miles in a day by the time I was 15-16. It finally wore out and I treated myself to a Motobecane Super Mirage. I remember being really inspired by the 84 Olympics, thinking seriously about how someone would qualify for 1988. It all came crashing down in 1986 when, due to circumstances beyond my control, at 17 I had to drop everything and move to California to start life over.

THAT kept me busy for a few years. Then in 95-96 I got sick, nearly died and ended up in a wheelchair with only a so-so chance of ever walking again. I got past that and now live with some annoying reminders, but am otherwise able-bodied.

Then I got old and fat.

So in January of this, my 40th year I rehabbed an old MTB and started riding, just for fun with my kids. But then I started to remember just how much fun it was. We went for longer and longer rides. Eventually my lungs and legs showed signs of life and the bug got me again. I NEEDED a proper Road Bike!

So in an encore to my exotic bike purchase 22 years ago, I started shopping. In May I got my new bike.

It's a Cannondale R5 on a CAAD 9 frame (WOW how things have changed!!) with a couple different sets of wheels for smooth pavement or typical roads.

I'm not back to where I need to be... but I can pull 25-30 miles at once without much distress. Hopefully by years end or sooner I'll be busting out century rides once again.

wickedxawesome 07-03-08 12:51 PM
those are two of my three rides. maybe 4 rides by the end of the day if i am lucky.
anyone want to ride together? medium to fast paced 30-50 mile rides in the hollywood area?

ckeizer77 07-03-08 01:52 PM


That Tommasini is Stupid Fresh!!!

alicestrong 07-03-08 01:59 PM

Yeah...really, really nice bike! Welcome new peeps!

Terror_in_pink 07-03-08 02:07 PM

wicked, your rides are pure hotness!

wickedxawesome 07-03-08 08:13 PM

thanks for the compliments. who wants to ride?

MrRamonG 07-06-08 10:09 AM

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Hello everyone,

I started riding about 15 years ago in the mountains. Then I hit the road and now I bike commute everywhere. I ride every chance I get. My commute takes me from Anaheim to Santa Ana every workday.

Iamkar33m 07-06-08 11:51 AM

Hello all, my name is Kareem and I'll be starting to hit up the SART on a weekly basis. Hopefully by the end of summer i'll be able to ride all the way from Imperial Hwy to the PCH and back with relative ease. Here's my ride (2006 Trek 5.2 Madone):

lynnala 07-06-08 02:04 PM

Eagle Rock checking in. Just started riding again recently, since I work at home right now I don't have to commute, but I run all my errands via bike.

efficiency 07-06-08 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by ckeizer77 (Post 6995275)

That Tommasini is Stupid Fresh!!!

for reals!

wickedxawesome 07-07-08 12:32 AM


Originally Posted by efficiency (Post 7011866)
for reals!


enjoi07 08-16-08 07:07 PM

next time you are closer to SD we can ride all you want

Theodoras 09-03-08 11:54 PM

Theo Parker. Los Angeles area. Commute to Santa Monica College by bike. Ride all over Los Angeles.

ZombieButcher 09-08-08 02:35 AM

New Mate
Oi Folks I am Sean from Escondido. I gave up driving a little over a year ago and have been riding a bike since. I try to get out and do longer rides on the weekends and stick to the commute during the week with odd trips to the store and to where ever I wish around town.

I picked up a new Giant OCR2 back in May my first road bike and I love it
I don't have a pic but I have added aero bars here is a stock photo

My other bike is a Raleigh M60 MTB although its got a broken spoke with a rear wheel out of tru.

Mostly my riding is around North County but will also get down to the 56 bike path with some friends. I gen will map out a ride on Google Maps and ride it out.

graydog 09-08-08 08:52 AM

Hello from La Mesa (east of San Diego)
Hi all...I am retired. Biked to work (San Diego State) for 25+ years. I now ride single track with some friends in the local mountains and put about 40 miles a week on the road bike in the east county area. I ride a Rock Mountain Evolution mtb and a Trek 1400 road bike. I have begun training for time trials and am playing with my gearing on the Trek to make it more hill climb friendly. Other interests include kayaking, hiking and motorcycles. Carl

Trufance 09-15-08 02:36 AM

Going to be the new kid in town on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rlp 09-19-08 06:05 PM

I live in Thousand Oaks, been off the bike for a while and it's time to get back in shape. I ride a Merlin and prefer the "Show and Go" rides where you head out and see where you end-up.


yeyo999 10-09-08 12:07 AM

Hello, people. I just got me a pre 1985 Nikishi Custom Sport about 3 weeks ago. I am new to ridding. I go to UCLA, its much easier to ride a bike, and let me tell you, from a person who drives down to the corner to pick up a pack of gum, ridding is fun, but i am not useto it.

I am slowly building up in length i ride.

AdamD 10-12-08 01:11 PM

Howdy Ho everybody!

I'm Adam. I live in Long Beach, ride all over LB, do distance/fitness rides around LB, up and down PCH, up and down various river trails, commute to the scenic city of Commerce. King's bike shop in Seal Beach recently built me up a Surly Cross Check and I'm loving it. I also recently became car-free and I'm looking for suggestions of how to spend all that money I'm saving. :) Drop me a line, I'll ride with just about anyone.

That Tommasini is indeed stupid fresh. My father got me into cycling as a young lad and my first memory of cycling is him and his blue Tommasini, so they have a special place in my heart.

Trufance 10-13-08 09:26 PM

will be in the La Jolla/UTC area at the the end of this month

ride a red 06 Felt F4C


roadfix 10-15-08 05:41 PM

Welcome new members! And welcome to my house!

efficiency 10-15-08 10:41 PM

Where's your grill?

ersatz 10-19-08 01:01 PM

hi im Carlos from South Gate, ride the bike plus metro lines to Northridge twice a week for grad school.

its a Schwinn traveler i think

marcryan27 10-22-08 01:55 AM

Hi guys!! My name is Marc. Im from San Fernando Valley (818). I just bought my first bike a couple of days ago. Loving every minute of riding it... Lately i've been hitting the griffith park bike path. Besides exercise I used it going to work from the employee's parking lot which is almost a mile away... cant stand waiting for the shuttle so i just ride...

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