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robertkat 03-07-09 08:46 PM

^^^ Heya Patty, I live inland but on the weekends, usually Sundays, one of my favorite regular routes brings me out and around Cbad and the coast. You're always welcome to come along.

CbadRider 03-07-09 09:23 PM


Originally Posted by robertkat (Post 8488037)
^^^ Heya Patty, I live inland but on the weekends, usually Sundays, one of my favorite regular routes brings me out and around Cbad and the coast. You're always welcome to come along.


jabantik00 03-08-09 12:27 AM

should i say hi too? hi, i'm allen. i live in oceanside and mostly i ride my basket bike around town to places such as trader joe's, henry's, etc. sometimes i will ride inland a bit (bonsall/valley center area usually) for a bit of fitness, but i'm no racer or anything. i used to live in berkeley and used to mtb a bit there, but i haven't rode mtb in a long time. i don't know if there are any nearby trails here, and i don't want to drive far just to ride a bike. i try to do a longish tour every summer but that doesn't always work out. here's a pic of me on my colorado cyclist bargain-bin bike, with camelbak and seatpost rack. everyone point and laugh!

dddave 03-08-09 02:53 AM

new bike day...

GP 03-08-09 04:20 PM


Originally Posted by jabantik00 (Post 8489024)
should i say hi too? hi, i'm allen.

Nice riding with you, Allen. That group is a good one. I hope you'll be out next Sunday.

fox 03-09-09 02:21 AM

<3 the pista!!! I'm planning to get one this May or June... hehehe

jabantik00 03-10-09 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by GP (Post 8491805)
Nice riding with you, Allen. That group is a good one. I hope you'll be out next Sunday.

thx!~ yeah i will probably make that next sunday ride

ilikebikedc 03-11-09 11:45 AM

I'm new to the forum and also new to California.
My name is Simon, formerly of DC, but now living in Thousand Oaks, CA.
Does anybody ride out there?
When I'm not commuting on my old Schwinn 7spd, I'm riding my Scott CR1 pro for "longer" rides.
I also have a MTB that I've ridden once since I've been here (Gary Fisher Tassajara).

Again...Hello. :)

itsdefnit 03-23-09 12:54 PM

what's up i'm brian people call me def, new to cycling... just got my first adult bike(sort of..) single speed free spirit (yes from sears!!) it was converted runs great looks awful though lol... i'll be doing alot city riding... in and around eagle rock/highland park and the surrounding areas... just saying hello! <3 def

duckierose 03-24-09 12:00 PM

Hi, I'm Rose. I'm new to biking, and to BF.

You're most likely to see me riding the Orange Line bike path in the San Fernando Valley, or cruising the loop around Lake Balboa and the golf courses. I'm too new to biking and too chickens**t to bike anywhere other than well defined bike paths at this point. I figure it's best for everyone until I'm a little more secure with myself on the road.

Irvent 03-28-09 01:02 PM

Howdy all, I'm Sean. Also new to biking and BF.

I'm from Thousand Oaks and currently living in Irvine for school. But you're just as likely to see me riding in either area based on the day of week. I'm trying to get in shape and build up my distance riding. Would love to find people to ride with in either areas.

Look forward to talking to you all =)

creakinator 04-05-09 08:53 PM


I'm in Rialto. I returning to bike riding by eagerly awaiting my new recumbent trike Sun X-3 AX. I can pickup it up from my LBS next Saturday. Here's a pic: mine is the blue one. Yes, it was expensive - at least for me, but I want to get back to riding. Two years I was riding a Burley Canto recumbent and broke my ankle riding it - a mossy puddle and I had a disagreement - the puddle won! So I got back on the Burley but I never trusted it again. So I stopped riding.

A month ago I started to exercise my two dogs - a german shephard and a catahoula leopard - while I rode my mom's adult tricycle (Miami sun). I put a harness and a leash on them and they run/trot beside me. It gets them tired. So I found I missed my bike riding. I talked to my LBS and they are going to sell my Burley for me and I ordered the Sun.

I plan to ride to a from work (Rialto to San Bernardino) on a daily basis. I did this for two years on a Trek hybrid then a few months on the Burley after my accident. I enjoy riding. I need the exercise and a way to relax after work, so when I get home, I'm a happy person.

I plan, once I get back into riding and get used to the mileage, to go out with the local bike clubs with their slow group. I enjoyed doing that.


itsernst 04-19-09 11:45 AM

Name is Sean, just got back into riding after a few years. Just purchased a HR Disc that I will be picking up this week. Looking for places to ride in the San Diego (La Mesa) area. Any info anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

Smogsteve 04-25-09 03:00 PM

One of those old guys
Hi All
New to BF but not to cycling. I ride in the IE for the most part, but will ride to work on Orange on occasion. For most of the last 10 years I have been on a Mountain bike, but last spring I got a new road bike and remembered how much fun going fast can be. I put on about 6900 miles in the last year. Rode Stagecoach, Palm Springs, Solvang, and a good portion of the Tour De California route. If you see me on the road I am the guy with the big grin ( that is not a grimace). On most Sunday mornings I ride with the Riverside Bike club. come and join with us for a good ride.

Smogsteve 04-25-09 03:08 PM

Mark I met you at the 3 club ride and I still think someone welded that frame together without plans.

gunslinger14647 05-01-09 10:23 AM

Hey there! I'm a high desert dweller, too! I live in Victorville. What are the safe places to ride? I started riding in San Jose, and got used to the bike-friendly environment. I get back home, and I'm nearly killed a dozen times! Are there any long stretches where we won't get clobbered by a car?

gap57 05-11-09 11:12 AM

Cali ridding
i was ridding in italy mississippi and newolreans, but now I live here in cali and have not been on my bike in 8 months. I am looking for places to ride. I live in Granada Hills but work in Commerce is there a happy medium??:twitchy:

abel22 05-20-09 12:21 AM

my names abel. i live in cypress, a little city in north o.c. i ride my 72 schwinn super sport all over the place. been riding for 2 months and now its all i think about whats wrong with me?!. i sell stuff on craigs to get money to upgrade my bike. i like to go fast and far. i want to do a century and average 18 + every time i ride. the farthest i've gone so far is 40 mi and averaged 15 mph (stupid headwind!).

John R 05-20-09 11:30 PM

Hey All
My name is John, I ride the SART everyday to work. I start in Yorba Linda and get off at Westminster Blvd, then west all the way to Golden West Ave. I ride a beater mountain bike with hybrid tires. I wear Team Velo Sport or Sho Air gear. I also do club rides on the weekends, Como St is one of my favorite rides. Hope you see you out there.

alicestrong 05-21-09 11:23 AM

Hi to all the new riders!

Aerodee80 05-26-09 05:49 PM


Originally Posted by Aerodee80 (Post 5293321)
I started biking to work at Irvine to replace the boredom I get off the thread mill.
I started this Jan with my mtn bike, then at May....I switched to Roadie

I just did my first Crit yesterday and made 4th place! ill be joining the next race =)

I feel embarrased looking at my old newbie post almost two years ago...=x

efficiency 05-26-09 11:53 PM

Congrats! CBR @ Long Beach?

Aerodee80 05-27-09 10:02 AM


Originally Posted by efficiency (Post 8990005)
Congrats! CBR @ Long Beach?

yes sir

Phiberglass 06-03-09 12:20 PM

Been a lurking on the boards for a while, but never really post.

I live in Laguna Niguel, and you can usually find me riding the coast up to Newport/Long Beach or down to San Clemente/Pendleton area starting from the DP harbor. I occasionally go into Irvine, laguna hills, santa margarita. Always looking for new spots.

ddcheng 06-10-09 04:09 PM

New to Forum
Have been a lurker here for a couple weeks as I'm trying to do some research on a new bike.

I just completed the LA River Century this weekend (my first century!), but I do most of my riding on the SGRT. Mainly ride solo or with a couple friends because I'm terrified that I would be the one to cause a crash in a large group of riders!

If anyone likes early morning rides (like 5:30 or 6am) near Monrovia, Duarte, let me know!


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