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efficiency 01-04-10 12:35 AM


Originally Posted by ovoleg (Post 10199012)
whats this p90x crap i keep hearing about. Is it legit? works? I'm tempted to download the dvd's but dont really need to download then delete crap

I thought that the guys were showing you how to get ripped?

aboss3 02-17-10 05:37 PM

My name is Alex, and I've been riding for more than 2 years. I usually ride along the beach from Marina Del Ray to Palos Verdes, and back. I got a 2010 Specialized Allez Elite.
Sometimes my wife joins me, and she's new to riding, so we both ride cruisers along the coastline :)

I live in Hollywood, so it's hard for me to get out and ride every day because there are no good trails near by. But every weekend I try to get out and get some good 20-30 miles out of the bike. I am looking forward to joining a community of riders, and ride together sometimes on the weekend. I usually average 16-19mph when riding alone.

jeff_s 02-23-10 10:01 PM

New to the forum, my name is Jeff and I live in Burbank. Spent about 2 years getting into cycling with a Craigslist special (white, mid-80's Peugeot) and recently upgraded to a new bike. Been riding around Griffith Park, Glendale, Pasadena and Mulholland. I'm on the blue, white and red Tarmac - I've got full sleeve tattoos but usually hide them from the sun under white and black Hammer arm warmers.

Looking for riding buddies in the area.

prrnrngr 03-04-10 01:27 PM

I'm George. I live in Alta Loma (Rancho Cucamonga) but I ride in the San Dimas area usually. Just did my first century yesterday (SART to SGRT) with cachequatch. Here is my bike, without me on it of course haha. I ride a Kona ***** Tonk, that is pretty much stock, besides my Fizik saddle, pedals and a cateye comp.*edit*just realized that I know ^jeff_s^ from soccer. Small world!*edit*

carguyeddie 03-12-10 10:46 PM

Hello everyone, my name is Eddie i just started riding....... wow and what a ride ! I live in Downey Ca. so i usually ride along the San Gabriel river bed towards Long Beach. I didnt have much money to buy an expensive road bike so i purchased a Focus RT-550 mid 80s which cleaned up very nice . Although relized it was to large 59cm but i have been riding it for about six weeks. I just purchased a mid 90s Peugeot PE200 57cm which fits me very well. The bike was shipped to the US by a soldier stationed in Germany . It has Stronglight 185 cranks and Shimano 515 groupo. I've added new tires and new cables for ft & bk dr . Bike rides very well for its age. I have thought about saving for a new bike but i'm starting to enjoy the vintage bikes. I will just have to wait and see where my new journey with bicycles takes me! I hope to continue riding for many years to come.

gumbii 03-15-10 04:00 AM

hello... i'm gumbii from bell gardens... i just started...

i usually roam the RHRT from suva street up north... i hit the trail at least 3 times a week... right now i'm rocking a skinny benny single speed/fixed gear bike...

here's me...

here's my bike...

i have a '09 fuji carbon road bike 27speed road bike waiting for me at performance bicycles in gardena, but i haven't picked it up... i have no ride and no one wants to take me... lol... but yeah i just started this hobby and didn't want to spend $texas on a high end bike... that, and it's only me and my neighbor that go riding... we don't have other friends that are into this hobby that are local...

like i said, we hit the trails or try to hit it 3 times a week... maybe after i get the road bike i will go more... i live a couple of blocks away from the entrance near treasure island park, so we ride from my house... so far we've only ridden about 100miles total... today we went to lower azuza road i think... that's the farthest we've ever gone... in fact... the last picture of my bike was taken today when before we came back... it was getting dark... the darkness got me when we passed the 10fwy... and it was super scary going thru the lower part of the northern rio hondo river trail before hitting san gabriel blvd... lol...

pretty soon we're going to start going south to long beach... maybe hit age of aquariums just for kicks...

more about me... my primary hobby is reef keeping... you know, saltwater tanks... i'm in two reef clubs and that takes up most of my time and money... i have three adopted kids that one of my sister's couldn't keep for herself... right now i'm unemployed and seeking employment... my last job was managing a small silkscreen shop... i did most graffics and artwork... and printed... that shop crashed down with the economy...

well... if you see me hitting the trails or wanna ride with someone else hit me up... i'm super friendly and i feel more comfortable riding with more people especially since we usually ride kind of late in the afternoon...

happy cycling...

atmdad 04-01-10 11:07 AM

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New here to these forums, been riding bikes of various shapes and sizes all my life, over the last couple of years i've been gravitating primarily to road biking. Home base is Cardiff, which makes a nice starting point for rides north, south or east. Here is a messy pic of the fam damily's stable:

I had been primarily tooling around on the flat bar hybrid hanging on the far left, but my new baby is the 3rd one over, a new Giant Defy Advanced. Sweet bike, but the stock saddle sucks. I did about 40 miles last Saturday after I picked it up from the shop and for the last 5 miles it felt like a jackhammer on my arse.

Aural B 04-09-10 12:05 PM

12 Speed in a Fixed Gear Neighborhood
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Greetings all!
I'm Ben, I live in Silver Lake and work in Culver. I've been a regular commuter/lurker on the site for the last year and I've finally taken the plunge and joined BF.

My usual weekend rides tend to be street expeditions around the city but lately I've been itching to stretch my legs and cover a bit more ground, and maybe spend a little less time dodging traffic. I'm also contemplating adding a shiny new aluminum bike to the stable since my bike is pretty, but isn't the best for climbing.

I'm not really sure yet how far I'm conditioned to ride, but I'd love to find out. In the next year I aspire to do a ride from LA to San Diego. Anyone done it? Have any tips or suggestions for me? For the reasons I mentioned above I'm particularly curious how bad the hills get along the way.

Here's my ride. I'll post pictures of me in action once I've got someone to take them. :-)

Chilero 04-12-10 01:58 AM

Hi Ben, welcome. My wife and I usually ride long charity rides. Among our favorites are the Tour de Palm Springs, Tour de Sewer, and the Solvang Century. There are many others, each offers rides of various distances from 15 to 100 miles in a casual bike-friendly atmosphere. If you're interested in finding out your limits, a ride to San Diego is probably not quite the place to do it, although it's pretty flat. My wife and I did that ride about 4 years ago in heavy steel bikes (relative to today's carbon feather-weights). My advice is to start easy, find a trail like the LA River, Rio Hondo, San Gabriel River, and test yourself there.
Good luck and ride safe!

PS: The photo of your bike doesn't seem to be showing up in my browser.

Aural B 04-12-10 01:03 PM

Darn, it seems I've missed all three of your favorites this year. They look great though, I'll be sure to catch them next time around and look for something else in the meantime.

I pulled the trigger on a new bike this weekend: got a great clearance deal on a 2009 Cannondale Six 5. Put about 20mi on it yesterday and boy does it fly!

Bearrister 04-12-10 11:59 PM


My name is Mike. My fiancee and I live in Downtown LA. We started biking about a month ago (has it really only been a month?!), but it feels like sooo much longer. We've definitely caught the cycling bug! We both started with hybrid bikes (Specialized Sirrus for me and Specialized Vita for her)... but we both enjoyed biking so much that we quickly moved up to road bikes (Trek 2.3, Bianchi She Alu for her)! The great thing with riding is that, in combination with the workouts I started shortly before I started biking, I can feel myself slowly getting into better shape. Which is a big deal to me because I was feeling pretty disgusted with myself before I started!

We've ridden parts of the SRGT, LA River Trail, South Bay trail, San Diego Creek Trail, and Newport back loop. Each ride has gotten better and better, and I feel confident that this is a hobby that I will really stick with. I've definitely been guilty of skipping from hobby to hobby and interest to interest, but the reason I feel confident I'll stick with this hobby is that no matter how hard a ride is initially, or at the end (when I'm worn out), I'm always looking forward to the next ride!

jason.lee740 04-18-10 06:16 PM

My name is Jason Lee and I am from Riverside, CA.

I am new to biking though I have biked casually before a long time ago.

As of now I am only riding around town and school campus.

Also I'm trying to look for a good shop to take my bike too.

Use to walk or drive everywhere but biking seems to be much better and I think I'm gonna enjoy it a lot.

Smogsteve 04-19-10 04:25 PM

If you want a good LBS near UCR try Anthony’s Cyclery (Riverside)
5225 Canyon Crest Dr. Suite 303
Riverside, CA 92507
(951) 328-9131
He is a great guy and can help you with anything you might need for your bike.
You also might like to try riding with the Riverside bike Club. <>. We have several levels of riding and welcome new riders for any of our rides.

bajadock 04-19-10 08:40 PM

Ensenada Greeting
New to B.F. and adding intro here to SoCal Forum. Also coming out of a 5 year bicycle hibernation.

Located 2 hours south of SD, on south side of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. My perspective on the report of crime gone wild in Mexico is that it has been greatly exaggerated.

Backing down to 120-150/week after getting up to 300/week for my first race prep in 5 years.

Pumping up World Cycles in SD. Owners Alex & Deya have been a big help to me.

Hope to meet SD/OC cyclists up there or down here.

Jocache83 04-23-10 05:58 AM

Morning All,

Just moved to the IE area just recently (Loma Linda area) from Northern Cali and been riding around on Barton Road. Any group rides in the area on Sundays?


idisc0 05-03-10 12:10 PM

hi all!!! new member here!!! i live in monterey park and i ride a cannondale caad9-4!! hopefully to meet some of you people one day!

jbeck 05-13-10 10:24 AM

Hi all. My name is Joe. Been mountain biking all my life, grew up in northern cali and now call San Diego my home, been here 7 years. 31 years old for another week. Just got my 1st road bike so I can commute to work and back 32 miles round trip. Also just signed up for my 1st sprint triathlon yesterday, I was very excited after my 1st ride to work :). I hope to get into the Death Valley Century ride in October as well. Looking to change things up, been doing marathons for the last few years and completed Boston this year. Love being outside, exercising, watching the sun rise. I'm excited about this new adventure of bike commuting

Cedfromfrance 05-24-10 02:29 PM

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Hello, Sorry I am not from California but I thought the idea of introducing ourselves was a great thing :)
My name is Cedric, I live in the French alps near Albertville and I do enjoy cycling a lot, I have been on a couple of tours these last few years and I am planning to cycle from Alpe d'Huez to Mont Ventoux this summer, cycling through some of the famous climbs of the Tour de France, Iseran, Galibier, Glandon, Izoard, Bonnette etc .... I will be doing it with a friend of mine and if some of guys were keen to join, feel free to let me know (My email address: [email protected] )

Please find a few photos of myself

jdsilvaca 06-02-10 10:11 PM

My name is Jason, I don't have any pictures of me on my new bike yet. I ride all over the Inland Empire, from Lake Arrowhead, to the Santa Ana River trail, all the way out to Newport and Huntington. I'm one of the few people that does not wear any fancy bike outfits. I wear shorts and a tee shirt. I ride a lot up here in the mountains at 5,000+ feet. I try to ride every day to work, unless it rains, or the fog/clouds roll in.

Ohmannuel 06-14-10 02:41 AM

Hello There my name is Mannuel I've been riding since 2007. I ride a torelli montefalco. I used to ride a lot in santa clarita but now I ride in the SGV. I love climbing even though I'm somewhat heavy to be good at it at 5'11" 170. I like to ride to baldy village to get a beer. Most of my rides end in a beer... I like going on long ride so that after one beer you're so dehydrated that ONE is all it takes. I'm always looking for someone to ride with haven't found many people yet. I work odd hours because I'm a server so I get to ride a lot during the week. Let me know if you want to ride.

wesleytf 06-22-10 05:40 PM

Hallo All.

My name's Wes and I live in Tustin, but I bike mostly in Irvine. My wife and I are new to biking (as adults, anyway). We both have hybrids (me a diamondback insight and her a mongoose--forget the model, but it's the one with disc brakes), but I think I'll get a cheapo road bike to fiddle with very soon. One of the main reasons I wanted to bike was to commute to UCI (about 9 miles each way). I also feel motivated since we're fortunate enough to live where the weather is perfect for biking nearly everyday...

kandyredcoi 06-24-10 11:00 AM


Originally Posted by roadfix (Post 2948096)
SoCal asks:

Who are you? What do you look like? What do you ride? Where do you ride? You like to pose?

Post pics! On the bike, off the bike, posing, whatever!..:D

Coi, from the Inland Empire, usually ride SART, Long Beach and Huntington Beach, the usual bike spots in SoCal
most recent pic of me on my fixie
no fancy bike outfits for me either :)

my GF and I recently got back on the saddle to get back into far its been great

Zian 06-28-10 04:18 AM

You may want to get a "comfort bike" or just something with a straight handlebar + road-bike-like tires for the commute so that you can see the traffic easier. I ocasionally commute to UCI from the Tustin Metrolink station.

Depending on what you bring, you may want to also get a rack & panniers instead of using a backpack.

sensez 06-28-10 09:41 AM

Name: E

Locale: Inland Empire (Temecula)

I'm new to cycling (haven't ridden a bike for 14years)

I just ride around Temecula/Murrieta etc. My modes of transport. Myself in HI.

wesleytf 06-28-10 11:27 AM


That's exactly what I've got--the Diamondback I got has 700x32 tires, upright bars and I DIY'd a backpack into a pannier.

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