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Rodel 09-11-10 09:16 PM

I'm from Walnut, 909 area code. For those who don't know where it's a small city in the area were the 57 and 60 freeways meet.

I've been riding mountain bikes for many years. I have a GT Zaskar Team. Mine was made in the USA :D, prior to GT being purchased by Schwinn, who then was purchased by Huffy. :notamused:

Prior to the GT, I bought my dream mountain bike an Intense Tracer. I still have bought bikes. I usually mountain bike in Brea: Carbon Canyon.

On my birthday, Sept 8th, I bought myself a gift, my first road bike, a 2010 Specialized Langster, a single speed/fixie. I took it for its maiden ride today. For now, wherever I ride, the road has to be flat, until my legs get strong. :eek:

I'll clean up the mountain bikes, line them up with the Langster, then take pictures to share with everyone. It's great to be here!

andrewsitompul 09-13-10 02:39 PM

Hello, name is Andrew. I ride in loma linda at the Hulda Crook park. Anyone here from the area who care to join me?? Must warn you i just started so i am super slow

midship909 10-01-10 03:51 PM

im Jason from Chino Hills got into riding because my coworkers from LA got fixed gears so i joined the night rides. ive been riding my windsor hour for 3 to 4 month of hard riding not just flat stuff we are climbing tuna canyon, la canada area, pasadena and i also ride diamond bar. recently picked up a 80s bianchi cause i luv 80's bikes and also want some gears for the hills. im a fixed gear guy slowly moving to becoming a roadie.

implayaz9 10-06-10 10:25 AM

Hi I am Neel. Wanting to start riding a fixie or a road bike soon. Just wanna do it for fitness. I am in Corona area on weekened and Tustin on weekdays

SubLowe 10-16-10 12:47 AM

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hey guys .. im brand new on here .. newb ... ive been riding my whole life ... but im just getting into road bikes. this will be my very 1st road bike ive ever owned. im buying a trek 1.2 WSD ... as soon as i get it im sure ill get some pics and post em on here. main reason i wanted to get into the whole road biking is because i want to start commuting to work by a bike and honestly a road bike seems the way to go, plus it gives me a reason to buy a road bike. ive always been attracted to them, and envied every1 that rode them. so im super excided to be getting one myself finally. theres alot of bike clubs around here. im not sure how they all work, but i would eventually like to ride for cause. bike i will be purchasing tomorrow ... yaay, cant wait

CritEastwood 10-16-10 05:03 AM

I'm Jerome and I ride this clunker all over the place:

mikejet 10-16-10 09:13 PM

Hi guys, new here. Just got my first bike yesterday, a Trek Soho S. I ride around Walnut/DB area!

Did my first ride today and did 10 miles :)

Finally took a pic

pmcq 10-24-10 09:13 AM

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Hi, everyone, Until New Years Day of this year, my previous riding consisted of 3 quick trips in 1985 on a red Trek 850 I purchased that year. So I hauled it out of the garage on a cold January morning and joined 3 women on a 22-mile road ride. It was fun and exhausting. At the end of the ride, I remarked on how effortless their riding appeared. One of them offered to let me take a spin on her road bike - WOW. I couldn't believe it was so light and smooth.

I tried one more ride on the 850 before I went to the LBS and bought a Trek 1.5 which I love. The picture is me on that bike at the Tour de Palm Springs in mid Feb of this year. I ride throughout the Inland Empire, primarily on weekends, and keep working on getting up Baldy to Shinn Road with a bit more ease, grace and less panting.:)
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vstudio 10-29-10 01:55 AM

Hey guys, just recently started biking....this is my first roadbike.....she's a Torelli Montefalco with Ultegra groupo currently, bormio wheels, Michelin tires. I normally ride with a couple of guys from this forum on the SGRT....we normally ride from cerritos to seal beach.


motrheadsroadie 10-29-10 07:48 PM

my name is tyler and i lurk between burbank and northridge on my queen b.
heres a crappy cellphone shot of us on the backside of griffith today.
TRUE STORY - i bought that clunker for crit eastwood.

vstudio 10-29-10 08:39 PM

cool shot

Dereksd 11-08-10 03:49 PM

Im Derek from San Diego. This is my effed up toyota and my Cinelli. I dont know much about it as it was givin to me but its got campy comps and im pretty green since ive only been riding about a month so my fav routes right now are around mission bay and bayshore bikeway. I also really like riding from my place in Clairemont to downtown and cruising around there.

CbadRider 11-08-10 08:58 PM

Welcome to the forum, Derek! That's a nice bike.

Dereksd 11-08-10 10:58 PM

Thanks gettin used to it and starting to love her.Shes treatin me well for a free bike

flipnotize21 11-17-10 10:42 AM

Hi im ed, im a noob looking for people to ride with in the San fernando valley area, i ride the metro orange line or santa clarita bike path area, i did camp 9/ Bear Divide 2x hope to climb that area again... so if you see me say hi and dont be a bike snob LOL!

kandyredcoi 11-17-10 04:03 PM

whats up V, sweet pics, welcome to the forum...look forward to riding again...lets go!

Originally Posted by vstudio (Post 11699573)
Hey guys, just recently started biking....this is my first roadbike.....she's a Torelli Montefalco with Ultegra groupo currently, bormio wheels, Michelin tires. I normally ride with a couple of guys from this forum on the SGRT....we normally ride from cerritos to seal beach.


Pedal Plebe 01-05-11 01:15 AM

I'm Dan, I live and bike in Irvine and started seriously biking last June. Lost 50+lbs, and aiming to lose about 10 more to get to racing weight. Thinking of giving racing a go this year. This is my current bike (if anyone wants to buy it let me know! :P)...hoping to pick up a Cervelo S1 in the next week or two... :)

mercierkiller 01-05-11 12:45 PM

Hello y'all, name is jake from los angeles. Been riding for 2 years or less, still getting used to it but love it! Anyone here from downtown la? I see riders here and there on the streets but never rode with any of them. Looking for people to ride with!

My mercier kilo

proantibicycle 01-13-11 06:26 PM

I am Pro-Ant Bicycle. I ride in the wilds of Santa Barbara, CA. Because I represent the 805, I get rad as much as possible and I have a blog as well. Kind of like the Colbert Report but with bikes. See you all around.

Ohmannuel 02-04-11 02:53 PM

Just posted in the intro page was directed here so,

I signed up about a year ago but I never used this forum and lately I've been looking for more people to ride with or people who are going to race my same races (cat 5) so I guess this is the best way to do that.

Living in West Covina I love GMR. I ride GMR just about every week and I even go to a weekly ride on Tues mornings at 845am. I have a Torelli Montefalco, the colors are a little out there. Bought as a team bike from Newhall Bicycle Company in Santa Clarita, the bike has the shop colors of Yellow, Green, and red.
I started riding about 3 years ago and I've been off and on the whole time. This year I'm racing on ShoAir but not really being that I live so far from most everyone on the team. I'm looking forward to this season and I hope I meet a lot of cool people along the way.

SprSonik 02-16-11 11:47 AM

Been years since I logged in on this forum, but I am looking to start riding with a few more people. I am in San Diego, and most of my road riding is solo in North County or mtn biking with my bro anywhere in SD or So Riverside County. Shoot me a message if you are interested in trying to hook up. I am a single dad and have my kids alternating weeks, so my availability varies based on which week it is. I work from home so I do have some free time mid week for short (up to 2 hr) rides.

Also, would love to get some input on how to get my girlfriend riding better on her road bike. She is totally new to the sport, and has some serious anxiety when we ride. I try not to push her and really focus on supporting and encouraging, but am thinking she may need to ride with a ladies only group while she gets up to speed.

socalrando 02-20-11 12:40 AM

Hi all. New to this forum, but have been on socalbikeforums for a while. Just thought I'd expand my horizons. Do a lot of randonneuring, and have done a bunch of doubles and the 508. Plan on focusing on mixed terrain riding after this year's 508 (maybe a little in the spring and summer before PBP -- did some 2nd half of last year). Mixed terrain sound interesting to anyone?

robertkat 02-20-11 12:41 PM


Originally Posted by socalrando (Post 12252228)
Mixed terrain sound interesting to anyone?

We have some permanents here in SD that are definitely mixed terrain. A few are doable with wide tires, but the "Tough Rider" series might call for a cross bike with a triple.

Chilero 02-21-11 08:19 AM


Try to raise the stem, or get her a new one that has an adjustable angle. Sitting a little more upright is a way to get beginners more comfortable on a road bike, particularly when they feel anxious. The other thing is the saddle. Get her one that she's comfortable with. Go to a bike shop that sells Specialized saddles, they make a variety of widths, one of those will fit her particular anatomy. The other option in saddles is Terry. Other than the above mechanical items, try to get her started on a dedicated bike path, traffic has a way of freaking newbies. A variety of cycling clubs have rides for women only which they sometimes don't advertise. Do a google search for bicycling clubs in your area. Good luck!

socalrando 02-22-11 04:12 PM


Originally Posted by robertkat (Post 12253624)
We have some permanents here in SD that are definitely mixed terrain. A few are doable with wide tires, but the "Tough Rider" series might call for a cross bike with a triple.

Hey Robert. I know about Kelly and John's "Tough Rider" series. Very cool. I wanted to get down there for the one the day before the Super Bowl, but had too much going on. And I do have a cross bike with a triple for just such rides! :D Hopefully I can do one later in the year. I think we're going to do the SD Randos 600K. My significant other and I will be on matching orange Ritchey Breakaway Crosses (not what I usually ride on brevets, but will be taking it to PBP and want to make sure there are no issues on long rides). If you're riding, say "Hi" if you see us.



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