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seaneee 10-12-06 11:17 PM

Good place for used bikes in SoCal
Okay all, I'm helping my sister find a descent older steel road bike. Where are some good places (other than CL) to find used bikes and parts? Preferably closer to Orange County. Thanks.

socalrider 10-13-06 03:12 AM

what size frame and price range?

Blastinbob 10-13-06 07:25 AM You will find good deals here on occasion.

markw 10-13-06 10:28 AM

Craigslist comes to mind. That's where I found both the kids Terry's. There are a couple shops in San Diego also, Ye Olde Bike Shoppe and Pedal Pushers (owned by the same guy) that have a TON of old quality lugged bikes.

jsigone 10-13-06 10:52 AM

seaneee 10-15-06 09:49 PM

Pedal Pusher's was amazing. Great service, nice couple of guys, thanks for the tip.

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