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herbm 08-18-07 10:21 PM

Its a sad day
It is with great sadness that i must report the passing of Dick Butler.
Dick was a long time SFBVC member and an occasional rider on a few BF rides.
Those who met Dick will definitely remember him.
He had one of the most infectious laughs of anyone I ever met. And that is one of the things I will miss the most about him...
When I starting riding with SFVBC, Dick welcomed me with open arms and made me feel very welcome as a new member.
He had a great sense of humor, and was a great guy to ride with and be around!
I know our thoughts and prayers are with his wife and family.

Tiffanie 08-18-07 10:30 PM

Herb, he was on one of the SGRT rides, right? I'm very sorry to hear of this. :(

VanceMac 08-18-07 10:31 PM

Oh no! I dindn't really know Dick, but he was very hard to miss at the ride starts -- as you mention, he was a very gregarious and unique guy. That's very tough news, but thanks for passing it along Herb.

awiner 08-18-07 10:35 PM

I only met Dick once on the 2nd Back to The Beach Ride. He was a really funny guy and this indeed is a great loss.

Rest in peace Dick.

herbm 08-18-07 10:48 PM


Originally Posted by Tiffanie (Post 5099467)
Herb, he was on one of the SGRT rides, right? I'm very sorry to hear of this. :(

Yes..the picture of him, was when he took a cab back to Encanto after getting lost...
The next SGRT, he made sure stay in sight of someone!

Go_Fast 08-18-07 11:22 PM

what happened?

Luwin1026 08-18-07 11:29 PM

Condolences to his family and friends. He came up alongside me on the B2B ride and we joked around a bit - he was one of those that put himself out there to make everyone feel comfortable - I'm sure he'll be missed.

Happytime 08-19-07 04:58 AM

Sorry, Herb. My condolences. :(

merider1 08-19-07 05:07 AM

That is heartbreaking. So sorry to hear this.

herbm 08-19-07 07:09 AM


Originally Posted by Go_Fast (Post 5099665)
what happened?

He was in Ecuador on vacation...they were doing one of those jet boat trips when he had a heart attack...they were very remote and couldnt get help immediately. So his heart was stopped and he had no oxygen for a least 10 minutes...
They did managed to revive him....then there was hassle of getting him back....damn insurance company....they were hoping he passed there since it is cheaper...well nevermind......
When they ran some tests back here they think he may have had a minor heart attack a month or so before and never knew...
but they got him out and he had been a coma for about a month....they decided to remove support a few days ago...
One of guys went to see him regularly...said it was eery, as we would open his eyes...but the prognosis never changed...they said there was no recovery...
its too bad he really was a great guy...
I think he was 68..
He rode 3-4 days a week and spent lots time on the gym....ya just never know!

big john 08-19-07 07:14 AM


Originally Posted by Go_Fast (Post 5099665)
what happened?

It was his heart. I guess it failed him when he was rafting south of the border somewhere.
Yes, it was impossible to come to SFVBC ride starts and not know who he was. He was always laughing or looking for a laugh.
Thanks for the tribute, Herb.

Mr. Beanz 08-19-07 08:45 AM

We remember him as we rode some with him on the B2B rides. Sorry to hear that. He was a good FUNNY guy! Our condolences!

roadfix 08-19-07 09:27 AM

I remember Dick very well although I've only ridden with him twice. I'm very sorry hear of his passing.

JustMe 08-19-07 04:55 PM

Only met Dick once, but once was enough to recall him as one of lifes memorable characters. Sorry to hear the news Herb.

ovoleg 08-19-07 04:59 PM

I'm sorry :( Condolences to the family. I remember talking to him a number of times when I would do the 1-2 rides(when I started riding with SFVBC).

MarkAJ 08-20-07 03:49 PM

I was very fond of Dick too. His friendly demeanor made me comfortable riding with the SFVBC and drew me back to ride again. It was from him I learned that I too was invisible. On one Sunday ride he tells me he is invisible. I responded what are you talking about? He explained to me that there is an age a man will reach were upon young women will no longer see you. I got it and we both laughed out loud for sometime. This was Dick.

herbm 08-20-07 04:14 PM

Dick on the Back to the Beach ride

merider1 08-20-07 04:16 PM really is shocking even though I only met him twice. Dick was easy to remember with his sense of humor and laugh. He wasn't invisible by any means.

nygirl777 08-20-07 04:22 PM

I am soooo sorry to hear about this. I met Dick on the Back to the Beach ride and he was hilarious. He had us laughing before, during and after the ride. Every ride thereafter I would look for him. Just like on Cool Breeze when I asked Herb if he was around. What a pleasure to have met him.

AlanLS 11-12-08 07:45 AM

I knew Dick way back when
I am not a biker. I was doing ope of those "I wonder where they are now" internet searches, and came across this sad news about Dick.

I met Dick in the early 80s. I was involved in my new sport of skydiving. I was 25 or so. Dick went through the the student program an rapidly became one of the best known jumpers at the dropzone. and it had nothing to do with his skydiving ability. As the post here mention, he was very gregarious and had that laugh.

I was doing this search, because Dick was in his late 40s, early 50s when I knew him. I always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to to be as active and full of life and adventure when I reached his age. Now that I am in my mid 50s, I realize my wish came true. I am still an active skydiver, scuba diver, traveller and fun seeker.

I regret not having kept in touch with Dick, but when he quit skydiving, I rarely ever saw him. I would run into him occasionally at Balboa Park.

I miss ya Dick, blue skies forever!!!

--Alan Shapiro, Austin TX

urbanknight 11-12-08 09:42 AM


Originally Posted by AlanLS (Post 7835767)
I am not a biker. I was doing ope of those "I wonder where they are now" internet searches, and came across this sad news about Dick.

Which sites are these? I'm still trying to find information on Bill Murphy, a former Olympic team member and USCF official who taught me to build wheels. He had a terminal heart condition, but I knew him 6 years after the doctor gave him 1 year to live, so he could still be around.

Drew12 11-12-08 09:14 PM

I only met Dick a couple times on BF rides.
I was actually there when the picture was taken.
Seems quite a few folks were concerned when he never appeared at the end of a B2B ride. Had scouts going out looking for him...
Well, it's obvious how he got back! Was lost and called a cab to finish the ride. Bike was in the back seat.
Fun ride, great folks....
And you are correct, he had a very memorable and fun personality.

mtblurkr 11-12-08 11:34 PM

Dick was a funny and memorable guy. Here's another picture of the taxi ride.

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