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Chucklehead 04-23-08 02:39 PM

same old bike, new pic.

urbanknight 04-23-08 07:56 PM

I finally found the pics of my GT back in the 90's!!!
The cranks, rims, seatpost, and headset races were all custom anodized together.

SkipperStyle 04-26-08 10:01 AM

Swap between platforms for commuting and shimano clipless for long rides. If you do any night riding, definately pick up one of those cat eyes. Its like a freaking mag-light on your handlebars.

Jancouver 04-27-08 09:50 PM

Taken Saturday Apr 26 2008 during the Wildflower Century

[email protected] 04-28-08 05:10 AM

I need to snap some new pics, but there she is.

Crash716 04-28-08 05:27 PM

Race bike with training wheels.....i need to get used to it.

Training bike with race wheels.....might end up being the race bike...still undecided.

Crash716 04-28-08 05:30 PM


Originally Posted by Chucklehead (Post 6571733)


alicestrong 04-29-08 10:55 AM


Originally Posted by urbanknight (Post 6573523)
I finally found the pics of my GT back in the 90's!!!

That's beautiful! I have such a soft spot for "old school" GT's...:p

ggallin 04-29-08 02:49 PM
here it is again. i hope the mods delete this one too.

Oleanshoebox 05-02-08 08:58 PM

I want your bike, you self muitilating defecating punk rocker.

ggallin 05-05-08 03:35 PM

ill cut you a deal on the frame and fork in six months when i get my yamaguchi.

ScoobyArnie 05-07-08 05:54 PM

Waterford X-12

Bridgestone MB-1

buck65 05-08-08 09:35 AM


Originally Posted by ScoobyArnie (Post 6654896)

It's about time you joined, newb! I expect to see you ready to cross race this season!


ScoobyArnie 05-08-08 01:15 PM

I'd prefer to race mountain as well but that probably won't happen either. Ahem!

buck65 05-08-08 02:12 PM


Originally Posted by ScoobyArnie (Post 6660145)
I'd prefer to race mountain as well but that probably won't happen either. Ahem!

Haha, well we can work on that. Plenty of opportunities to race in Socal. I've got some plans to race cross on a single speed, but that's top secret for now.

Good to see you on the forum. If a noob like me is going to get into it, you have NO excuse.

ScoobyArnie 05-08-08 03:12 PM

I know, I know! I do miss racing. Though my favorites were racing the marathons in the Alps or other alpine events in Germany. Nothing worse than racing marathon without a computer. I never had any idea how hard I could ride because I never knew how much father I had to go! :lol:

A general observation on some of the bikes pictured here, how many of you guys with the compact frames and bars/stems slammed actually ride in the drops? That is some seriously low action there. :lol:

Luwin1026 05-08-08 03:19 PM

Newest addition -

socalrider 05-08-08 11:07 PM

Newest ride.. Thanks again to Craigslist.

Corsa Extra Merckx came with a mix of new and old. Record 10 shifters and DER... Mavic SSC Brakes & HS. Campy Eurus Wheels. Super Record Seatpost and C-Record Cranks.. Campione Del Mondo Bars and Cinelli 1-R Stem. A weird mix of old and new but it all works together very well..

I had sold one of my Motorola Merckx's to a museum, so was looking on Craigslist and found this beauty. It has no decals, but I tracked the serial # down to a 1987/88 Corsa Extra SLX Frame.. It had been painted within the last couple of years and the paint looks very good..

Blastinbob 05-17-08 09:23 PM

My current rides.

Pigtire 05-19-08 05:30 PM

surfzombo13 05-19-08 07:52 PM


Originally Posted by Pigtire (Post 6724071)

LOL, ya gotta love the Puglsy.

Staying on the strange, here's my 1960 Rollfast frankenstein cruiser:

And my more 'normal' '97 Santa Cruz Chameleon SS/fixxie:

Mark35 05-20-08 09:14 PM

My current road rides.

summoner12 06-01-08 03:41 PM

Got this yesterday. My first road bike since I was... hmmmmm 10 or 11? Oh and it wasn't found in the trash, or at a garage sale. :thumb:

and the MTB I got last Feb.

thedips 06-05-08 09:26 AM

me and a friends bike... if you see it say hi...

sotto 06-12-08 11:49 AM

My Dahon Curve D3 with Klickfix wiremesh basket, Igloo Playmate cooler, and Brooks Standard B17 seat:

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