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Bachelor Reform 12-23-09 02:27 PM


JTGraphics 12-24-09 12:49 PM

My newest addition Pedal Force RS2
17 lb version with Zipp Flashpoint 60

15 lb with Easton EA90 SLX wheels

rmhaas 12-28-09 04:31 PM

Murrieta California.

09 Cervelo S2 / Reynolds Assault wheel set, SRAM Red / Ultegra Mixed Groupo. SMP Glider saddle.
15.7 Lbs as shown
By rmhaas

urbanknight 12-28-09 07:08 PM

I just finished fixing up this, which had been beaten up a little by its former owner.

buck65 12-29-09 12:23 PM

finally got the mtb? looks pretty good UK.

Crash716 12-30-09 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by JTGraphics (Post 10185507)
My newest addition Pedal Force RS2
17 lb version with Zipp Flashpoint 60

15 lb with Easton EA90 SLX wheels

how do you like your eastons?

Bachelor Reform 12-30-09 08:11 PM

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I finally got this thing back. Super loyal in its day..

JTGraphics 12-30-09 09:29 PM

[QUOTE=Crash716;10206457]how do you like your eastons?[/QUOTE]

I had concerns on stiffness when I bought the Easton EA90 SLX wheels but I can say they are quite stiff when climbing and sprinting I don’t notice any flex for reference I weigh 163 lbs.
They are the new Gen 4 hubs and they spin great my rear wheel weight was 839.2 and the front 603.9 grams.

urbanknight 12-30-09 09:34 PM


Originally Posted by buck65 (Post 10200916)
finally got the mtb? looks pretty good UK.

Thanks. Would you believe I got it for $60? It needed a few parts and a lot of work to make it functional again, and it could still use a new rear hub and middle chainring.

JTGraphics 12-30-09 09:48 PM

I need a MB :( looks like fun

supersport 01-03-10 06:42 PM

New 2010 Co-Motion Nor'wester Tour for commuting and touring. Still working on getting it set up.

New, to me, 2004 Serotta Ottrott for everything else. New bar and stem are on order.

Crash716 01-08-10 06:36 PM

New bike on it's inaugural ride, it rocks everything about it rocks.

blarnie 01-28-10 11:13 PM

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blarnie 01-28-10 11:16 PM

cx1 cx1

leslielove 01-28-10 11:58 PM

Just a little comfort bike but I love her.

gmouchawar 02-06-10 09:40 AM

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Originally Posted by clintbradford (Post 8167636)

Pulled my old 1978 Trex TX500 frameset out of the barn that I built up l-o-n-g ago. It cleaned up really nicely. Photos at ...

And I found Gary Fisher's 1978 Bicycling Magazine article, describing his tour of the then-new Trek frame plant. Is is on the "Documents" page of the same site.

Clint Bradford, K6LCS

Here is its twin.

MTBMaven 02-06-10 09:56 AM

Here is my custom steel DeSalvo. I have had it for about a year and a half and am very happy with it. Recent changes include OnOne Midge bars and Rivendell/Nitto Mark's Rack (which will hold an Acorn Boxy Rando Bag). I am highly considering getting rid of my Shimano bifters and using traditional brake levers and using bar end shifters.

Pictures were taken on a 140 mile ride from Pasadena to Laguna and back via SGRT and PCH.

Sea Green Sky 02-15-10 09:22 PM

Fresh paint, Rotor chainrings, and Veloflex Pave's.

knowledgdropper 02-15-10 11:36 PM

^^ Nice & clean. How are the Q-rings? Do you notice any difference v. traditionally round rings?

Sea Green Sky 02-16-10 02:21 PM


Originally Posted by knowledgdropper (Post 10409114)
^^ Nice & clean. How are the Q-rings? Do you notice any difference v. traditionally round rings?


I noticed the Rotors for about three minutes and never really gave them much thought after that. I seem to gain about 3-5kph and about 1/2 a gear. This could be placebo effect or it could be me pushing harder because I think I can. I haven't gone up 39/E. Fork with them yet, I think a good long climb will be a better test ground.

socalrider 03-05-10 03:29 PM

Here is a pic of the Litespeed Liege that I own. It is a 1999 Litespeed Liege, bought on ebay 5 years ago..

calamarichris 03-10-10 12:59 PM

Two more bikes since my last entry. My commuter with old Look P76 pedals, (recently upgraded to Brooks saddle and dogbed for canine comfort):

And my recent acquisition, a 1986 Schwinn Peloton 25-inch frame which I'm building up with white stem, bars, seat, and a mix of Sante & Dura-Ace 7800 components:

I've been looking for this Schwinn frame for more than 3 years. It was my first 'real' bike when I was a pimply-faced USCF junior and speedo-clad triathlete.

KRO 03-17-10 03:46 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Just a comfort bike but I often go on 33 mile rides through LA.

TTom0814 03-21-10 08:08 PM

some photos of my bike

threeflys 03-21-10 09:03 PM

Here is my Litespeed Xicon with Chorus 11sp

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