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jtbooth 02-27-10 05:53 PM

Custom /handmade bikes from Los Angeles area?
With the National handmade bike shindig going on this weekend in Richmond, VA, and a mostly futile obsession with thinking about getting a custom bike someday in the not impossibly distant future, I thought I'd ask if anyone knew about any local (LA, OC, area) bike makers? I'd be interested in the gamut of folks who make everything themselves to those who outsource some stuff and do the assembly/customization themselves.


p.s I own a custom steel Serotta...that was custom for some one else who happens to be about my size and was willing to sell it to me used!

endoverendo 02-27-10 07:12 PM

bitingduck 02-27-10 11:59 PM

Surferbruce 03-01-10 10:37 PM

there's a guy here in L.A. who makes frames named Eric Zimmerman (Zimmeran Bicycle works) but I can't find a link right now.

jtbooth 03-04-10 11:36 PM

thanks all

swift bicycles 12-15-10 11:07 PM

hey guys i own swift bicycles in la. i am also born and raised here in our great city.
i do custom frames and forks
here is my web site

zimmermanbicycl 01-20-12 05:27 PM

Eric Zimmerman of Zimmerman Bicycle Works here,building here in LA I can be reached at three one oh 849-1948

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