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El Gigante 01-19-11 06:20 PM

2011 LA Acura Bike Tour
ain't happening. . . . According to the LA Marathon spokesman, Randolph Garcia: "in order to focus on improving the runner experience, the race organizers have decided to indefinitely postpone the Bike Tour portion of the Honda LA Marathon".:notamused:

Too bad - I always liked the Bike Tour; great way to see the streets of LA without having to worry about traffic.

rooftest 01-19-11 06:55 PM

Didn't happen last year, either. I heard of a local cyclist getting arrested by the Beverly Hills PD for riding on the "closed course" before the runners went through - so watch out if you try it.

Waking up crazy early for a measly 26 mile ride never got me too excited, so I never did it. meh.

Nachoman 01-20-11 10:31 AM

i did it a couple times. but you're right. waking up that early was a bit harsh.

Mr. Beanz 01-20-11 11:09 AM

Did it once, one too many times.:D

JetWave 01-20-11 08:27 PM

This may be interesting for your purpose;

abmtnbkr 01-21-11 12:45 AM

It was a real disappointment to find out the new management decided to cancel the bike tour again. It was certainly an adventure getting to Los Angeles before the sun came up but the payoff was totally worth it. Not only was it awesome to see all of humanity show up to either ride a bike or run, but it was hilarious to see the transients sporting new LA Marathon shirts and cheering us on as we rode by. Priceless. I hope they do bring back the bike tour.

tFUnK 01-21-11 05:36 AM

They canceled it last year, too, but it didn't stop us from riding.

El Gigante 01-24-11 10:31 AM


Originally Posted by tFUnK (Post 12108323)
They canceled it last year, too, but it didn't stop us from riding.

Niiice!! Any trouble from the police on the route? BTW - great job on the video, it was awesome.

Garfield Cat 01-24-11 01:56 PM

This type of ride is where Mr Beanz with his handy video capabilities would make it worthwhile. Who knows, maybe some day the route will go thru zip code 90013 where L.A.'s finest keep them corralled.

tFUnK 01-28-11 10:58 PM

I didn't make the video, but it was well done and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I didn't finish with the lead pack (a lot of people got lost anyway because the route wasn't completely blocked off when we started riding), but we've encountered no problems from police, event organizers, etc. The finish line area in Santa Monica was dense with fog when we rolled in and some riders had some close calls with the parked event vehicles. There were definitely a few crashes throughout the race but nothing major (or at least none that I had heard of).

Looks like there will be another LA Marathon Crash Race this year:

tFUnK 01-28-11 11:03 PM


Originally Posted by Garfield Cat (Post 12124588)
maybe some day the route will go thru zip code 90013 where L.A.'s finest keep them corralled.

IIRC when I did the Acura Bike Tour in 2008, the route went through precisely that area.

Anyway, crashing the LA Marathon route is nothing new, people have been crashing the LA Marathon/Bike Tour for years until they canceled the bike tour last year. Last year a lot of riders showed up to just ride the course and not be part of the race.

icyclist 01-31-11 11:08 PM

There is no way the bike marathon can happen with the one-way course in use last year and this year. There are buses for taking runners back to the start, where their cars are parked. Bikes wouldn't fit on the buses.

And for those who would simply ride back to the start (or wherever they came from), that would add a lot of miles. And creating a separate route on the same day for cyclists, separate from runners, is economically not practical.

Some friends and I jumped the course, but we left too late, and couldn't get on the course itself until a police officer waved us through at the eastern end of Century City. From there, it was easy sailing, er, pedaling.

I've been on several bike marathons, and enjoyed all of them - after the always scary start.

On the other hand, there was the wonderful Ciclavia, which closed down several miles of streets, a few months ago, and I think another one is planned for April in Los Angeles.

motrheadsroadie 02-04-11 05:44 PM

are you trolling or do you just like running off at the mouth?
the acura bike tours were never 100% the same course the runners would be running. a marathon is 26 miles, while the acura rides were always closer to 21 or 22. they ran in a circuit that included some of the same streets as the marathon route.

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