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herbm 03-20-11 12:13 PM

SoCal Riders Kit
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Hi all,
It's time for another order of the "SoCal Riders" kit. If you would like to get one item or the entire kit, PM Herbm. (Herb has generously offered his help to get this done! - thanks Herb!!)
We will accept PayPal (we will take checks if Herb or I know you personally).

There can be no changes to the design - this is the final version (the design has not changed from the original order)
The deadline to order is Thursday, March 31, by 12PM PST .

(same look for long sleeve, sleeveless, jacket and vest)

We already have the minimum order for the jerseys and shorts/bibs. As for the other items, there is just one small stipulation – the following items have a minimum order of 10 (which means I need to have a TOTAL of 10 orders of each item before I can order the item – for example, I would need 10 orders of gloves before I can order any gloves, etc.):
-Tech Hat
-Arm Warmers
-Leg Warmers

So for these items, let us know you want and after we tally up all the orders, we'll send you notice of what we can order (what minimums were reached) and your total $.

(Jerseys and Shorts have no minimum order)

Short Sleeve Jersey (race cut or club cut) $53
Sleeveless Jersey $58
Long Sleeve Jersey $63

Shorts (the regular chamois) $59
Bib Shorts (the regular chamois) $68
Shorts (with the "Endurance" - the new thicker chamois) $69
Bib Shorts (with the "Endurance" - the new thicker chamois) $78

Arm Warmers (FLEECE lining) $26
Leg Warmers (FLEECE lining) $31
Tech Cap $10
Gloves $22

Wind Vest $48
Wind Jacket $54
Tech Fleece Thermal Jacket $88
Thermo Shield Winter Jacket $103

(US only) - $5 (small flat rate box will fit most orders) US Shipping will be sent via USPS Priority after we receive the entire order.

- Jersey manufacturer: ChampSys
- Jerseys have full front zipper and 3 rear pockets.
- All sizes are available: xs, s, m, l, xl, 2xl, 3xl, 4xl SIZE CHART: - please use the sizing chart!
- Expected delivery – 8 weeks from the date I put in the entire order (I will update you on dates asap). All the items will be ordered at the same time.

If you would like to order, send Herb a PM with what you would like along with your size(s) and your shipping address.

Once we tally up your order, we will send you the total owed. We will accept PAYPAL – PayPal is easiest and fastest! If we get enough orders for the items with “minimums”, then I will order them! Regardless, you will know when we will give you the total amount owed for your order.

No cancellations after the order with Champsys is made – once I order, it’s a done deal!

I plan on putting the FINAL ORDER IN on Thursday, March 31 at 12PM PST! The sooner I get your order, the sooner I can tell everyone what items can be ordered, so please hurry!!

If you have any questions, feel free to PM Herb or me.

Please read all this first:

* Please read and follow the order directions with care.

* I will update (edit) this post with a table of order info to confirm your order.
*Please check back a little while after you PM order and make sure it's right
* The design is the design, I can't make any changes, no matter how small, without starting the whole process over again with new minimum orders and everything.
* Check the sizing chart below. This jersey is designed for Race Cut.
* This process takes longer than you think, waiting for orders, having them made, getting them shipped. Don't expect this to be like a real store. Like over 8 weeks after I order to get them to send out.
* Posting here is fine, but your final order is the Paypal message (and money) I get.
* I'm doing this for fun. I just want to have a cool looking kit! Don't you??
* Unfortunately, there are no socks since the minimum is just too high.
* Orders close on Thursday, March 31 at Noon! Don't send money after that!
* Outside the contiguous US? Message or email Herb or me and we'll work out postage. It will be more.

Fine print:
One of my personal goals is to not end up being out of pocket in doing this.
Because of that, I have no room for error. I can't make refunds or changes to completed orders. I can't change sizes after I place the order.
This entire process will take a while. The company takes a about 8 weeks to make them.

[Special thanks to CCCOrlew for setting up a "jersey sales template", which I borrowed]

hansolo3 03-21-11 10:37 PM

Here are few riders showing off the SoCal Riders kit:

Lesper4 03-22-11 09:06 AM

you know after this order goes though we ought to organize a group ride to show it off!

herbm 03-22-11 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by Lesper4 (Post 12394440)
you know after this order goes though we ought to organize a group ride to show it off! gonna order some stuff?

Lesper4 03-22-11 04:18 PM

Although the kit is great looking! (hard to find top and bottoms that actually look good together besides basic black) I am going to pass. But i will come to the ride if I am free.

herbm 03-29-11 04:53 PM

Only a couple more days till the order closes.

Please let me know asap if you are interested.

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