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Lutigerst 07-15-12 12:50 PM

Alex Silva - Fontana, CA
I am his girlfriend on behalf of him and his mother. His mother would like to bring other avid cyclists like her son to be aware of a popular street to ride. First let us introduce Alex Silva, you may have seen him in the news recently...He was 25 yrs. old, student of Set & Exhibit design, from Fontana, Ca. Rode to work, to friends, and with friends. He got others into riding, help them to find/fix their bikes they own and ride today. He had all the necessary safety equipment, but was still struck by an individual. Hit and Run. His mother would like others to just be aware of the street, because ALL day you'll see cyclists riding up and down this street. Just to understand that cars are driving fast and really don't care to share the road with them. We're trying to get in contact with the city to put up the speed limit signs and "share the road" signs, not only because of what happened to Alex, but to prevent future accidents. The street we're speaking of is Wilson Avenue towards San Sevaine Road, all the way down Wilson Avenue. Both sides of the road. There's only posting of speed limits signs closer towards Daycreek then they end, none heading towards Cherry Avenue where Alex was heading to. Regardless of posting, driver are go 50+ on that street, even with cyclists there. He was 5-10 minutes from his home. His mother and I'm sure your mothers would want you to be careful riding, but please, please ride this street with caution. We hope that with Alex's death the two city (borderline Rancho Cucamonga and Fontana) will take action in placing bike lanes on Wilson Ave. and Beech Ave.(which turns into Beech going into Fontana) and make drivers responsible for not going to speed limit and/or watching out for cyclists.
This may not be the appropriate post for this section, but we tried searching to start a new post and this is the only one that allowed us to. His mother just wants others to really, really be aware of this road. I myself am a avid rider as well and would see my self riding this street just like any other street with or without bike lanes, that's just how we are. Now it is more important then ever to be more aware and put awareness out there to our community and follower riders. Alex, you, and I shouldn't have to suffer for wanting to ride the street(s),
Thank you and safe riding.

Siu Blue Wind 07-15-12 01:03 PM

Welcome to SoCal from Introduction. Sorry about your loss and thank you for caring enough to post this.

Lutigerst 07-15-12 01:30 PM

Thank you very much,

Lutigerst 07-15-12 01:37 PM


indomikey 07-15-12 04:19 PM

Condolences to the family.

I ride there during lighted hours and felt on occasion cars passing by all too close. Some even choose to drive in the right lane instead of passing by me in the left lane even when traffic is not heavy. (The downhill portion approaching Cherry)

tunavic 07-16-12 06:27 PM

Condolences to the family and all his loved ones. And thank you and his family for thinking of others even in this difficult time.

Hopefully the hit and run driver will soon be caught and justice will be served.

Genaro 07-25-12 01:54 PM

Condolences to you and the immediate family and friends.

Sad to see that awarenes has to come from such horrible events like this.

I ride through this stretch 3-5 times a week. I saw the memorial yesterday. Wonder if anyone has any plans on putting a ghost bike memorial there.

joemizereck 07-26-12 09:03 AM

My deepest condolences to Alex's family and friends. I can't begin to understand the pain they are feeling. But, as a cyclist my heart sinks and I hurt when I hear about the death of a fellow cyclist wherever it may happen.

We have to let motorists know that it is unacceptable to hit cyclists and leave them in the road to die. There appears to be a growing number of motorists around the world who are choosing to run from collisions only making matters worse for themselves and most certainly their victims. One way to stop motorists from choosing to run is by making it perfectly clear that if they run, they will be caught and justice will be served. To help find the motorist who killed Alex I am offering a reward of $500 for information leading to the arrest of the motorist involved.

I will only need confirmation from your San Bernardino Sheriff Department that your information lead to the arrest of the person(s) involved.

These roads are "our" roads and we must learn to share our roads in ways that allow all users to travel safely. This kind of motorist behavior is wrong and should concern all members of our communities...Please, if you know who hit and killed Alex, please call the San Bernardino Sheriff’s deputies at 909/477-2800, extension 7680 and help them bring this person to justice.

Joe Mizereck


lesiz 07-27-12 02:35 PM

Just saw his father on the video. So sad. This is scary for me as a cyclist. Even though one takes all the safety precautions, this kind of thing happens. Could have been a drunk driver.

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